пальто из вязаной норкиCoat of mink are worn both in winter and autumn, as if not a sign of status, the attribute of affluence and the desire to emphasize. Simple coats of smooth, lustrous mink, despite all the external beauty of this fur and its warming ability, may seem trivial and bored. Then they are looking for a worthy replacement, which becomes coat of knitted mink. Stylish, original, trendy, current, suitable for women of all ages because of its beautiful combinatorial – the ability to easily fit into any style.


Warm and beautiful

пальто из вязаной норкиThe first garments of knitted fur appeared with a light hand and thanks to the creativity of canadian designer Flooring Lishman, offered a new way of looking at things and technology of their manufacturing. In the eighties Lisman showed the world his invention – fur fabric, which is created by weaving thin strips – fur scraps of fabric left over from other things. Unnecessary trimming received new life, and fur cloth was not just the original due knitting technique. Weaving made it two-sided, and therefore is able to warm both outside and inside.

Mink has become one of the most popular types of fur for the manufacture of such things, because it combines all the qualities necessary for the perfect fur. Mink fur perfectly warm, luxurious and expensive looks, is characterized by durability, wear resistance, susceptible to staining. All this, combined with the ability to communicate in a smooth textured fur fabric for a stylish winter coat allows the mink endlessly to change shape, adapting to the needs of women of different age and individual style.


Classic coat-of-knitted mink

If you prefer an elegant style, classics that never go out of style through the season, choose a coat of knitted mink feminine design, with long sleeves, knee length or palm above or below. This brand timeless style that will allow you to wear a coat on business suits, concise restrained style dresses.

To this mink coat looked dull and stressed your femininity, you can consider the option of combining with a collar or cuffs from other furs. If mink black, it is very well suited lush black fur, for example, dyed Fox. If mink brown, to her perfectly gorgeous fluffy fur sable – real fashion for the elite. Contrasting type of fur collar can be Alcoi in retro style and more elegant – resistant.


Mink coat with contrast trim

пальто из вязаной норкиIf you choose a long mink coat below the knee, which is expressive, but not eye-catching patterned texture knit, you can pay attention to models that have contrasting with the ruff of fur around the circuit. This luxury finish highlights the fur coat of some kind, making it a real object of class “Lux”. Fur trim can be as narrow and also mink, and more wide, smooth “undulating” ruffles and a lush, thick, long fur.


Retro minimalism

пальто из вязаной норкиIn 2014-2015, the designers have introduced the fashion textured fur coat in a retro style. Mink perfectly meets the requirements of this style in their ability to change to accommodate any fashion need. The most relevant knitted coat of mink have a design with transverse stripes, collar or sharp turndown “Claudine” in the style of the forties, or none at all, as it was made a decade later. The sleeve length, three quarter or above the elbow, but of course, you can always find the coats and sleeves full length.

Such coat of knitted mink perfectly with short cocktail dresses and high heels. They can be worn for a secular party, leaving them not only their main warming, but also a decorative function. To enhance the beauty of fur, this coat keeps the silk belt of shade that blends in with the dress, but not identical with it and not much contrast.


Knitted mink short coat

пальто из вязаной норкиThe jackets of knitted mink unlike clothing full length, often serve as decoration image, accessory, but if you pick a model with long sleeves or will be wearing it in the early fall instead of the cloak CAPI or poncho, it will perform all the duties assigned to it – you will not freeze and will not go unnoticed.

Short coat of knitted mink manufacturers often provide a variety of additional decorative elements, including large massive buttons, original collars, interesting knit fur, reminiscent of classic knitting patterns, such as braids, buttons, diamonds. These coats can have both long and short sleeve, varying in length from mid-thigh to waist. Mink coat-of-knitted fur fit in youth style that favors multi-layers.

Purchasing is not new, classic and vintage coats of knitted mink, you will be able to create bold images in the style of grunge or punk. Especially if the fur is colored or has a multi-colored prints.

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