With the advent of autumn all fashionistas appears passionate desire not only утеплиться, but look beautiful. There are many options for autumn upper clothing, from fur vests and ending with кожанкой. But today we look at the win – win situation-coat.

The most stylish design coat 2013 the year is considered оверсайз. Unfortunately, many girls consider this option outerwear not the most successful and prefer silhouettes more close-fitting. This is a common mistake, because the volume coat can also emphasize the waist with a belt.
Пальто – первый шаг к стильному осеннему образу2
Such a thing, thanks to its versatility, will become an indispensable in any wardrobe. Indeed, the coat-оверсайз you can wear with heels and a skirt or sneakers and jeans – it would fit well in each image. But the most harmonious onion happen if under a coat to use fitting clothes, for example narrowed trousers and skirts.

Another option is for the trend of the coat – дафлкот. Once he belonged to the uniforms of the Navy England, but with time it became popular throughout the world. In General, дафлкот is однобортное coat, made of special camel wool. It is not necessary to wear sneakers and shoes, a much better use of rubber shoes and a variety of leather shoes. Interestingly similar to the coat will look great with heels, but they choose must very carefully. Regarding the clothing worn under дафлкот, here is the most advantageous will follow the example of the British sailors and wearing a thick knitted sweater.
Пальто – первый шаг к стильному осеннему образу
Do not hand over their positions and classic close-fitting coat, which often opt fashionista. But this outerwear, unfortunately, is not especially versatile, it is designed specifically for heels.

So, we have considered the main options stylish coats and find out what you can wear. I hope these tips will be useful for readers.

Article publication date: October 22, 2013

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