шубы из вязаной норкиThe tradition of manufacturing products from knitted furs were laid down not today, but right now, the coats of knitted mink and other furs gain a comprehensive popularity. Many women who can afford a beautiful, fashionable expensive fur things already are a bit tired of the same variety of models, and are looking for something new. The knitted coat of fur, in addition, designed by all the most current trends in style, will be the perfect replacement coat of normal mink, for both young women and Mature ladies, whose fur is a necessary luxury.


Hailing from Canada

Knitted fur – realized fantasy canadian designer Flooring Lishman, which introduced the world to a new vision fur cloth back in the eighties. From the usual fur this painting differs wicker texture: fur fabric is cut into thin strips, which are then intertwined in the same way as it occurs in the manufacture of plain knitted fabrics.

Despite the fact that the creation of knitted fur fabric and products required more time than sewing fur from the standard large pieces of fur fabric, it has a distinct advantage. A coat of knitted fur can be made from scraps of fur fabric, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials, which means you can expect to lower the cost of the finished product.


Advantages coats of knitted mink

Mink fur coat – this is still an attribute of a beautiful life, but, like many other status things, this requires a new coat on the way, which would have expanded the list of potential buyers. Not all young girls to consider a variant of smooth luxurious mink coat, because believe it to be the subject of clothing for more Mature women, fearing that she will give them age. One has only to look at the fur coat of mink of the same color and length, but only from knitted fur, and the difference will be obvious. These coats look more fresh, interesting, original, they are more suited for combination with a teenager and strong accessories.

Long or short, a coat of knitted mink more adaptive and less demanding in maintenance. Often women who purchased classic coat of shiny fluffy mink, then with a sinking heart see creases, scuffs, where after a wet snow or rain formed defects fur that spoil the overall appearance of the coat. Especially if the fur is bright, and it happened in the most prominent place. With a coat of knitted mink such fears will be much less. Knitted fur fabric has a heterogeneous structure, so there is no danger of strong deformation, and you will not worry about the short life of your hair.


Modern classics and new retro

Due to the ability to handle fur canvas and create a new version of the design, not just changing, but completely changing the familiar face of a mink coat, designers offer a huge variety of mink coats from knitted fur, made in accordance with the latest trends of the season.

Long knitted coat of mink can be supplemented by a hood or wide turn-down collar, which makes it look like a classic coat. If the coat is thin enough to be worn with a belt, buying this model, you get the opportunity to wear luxurious version fashion coat “overseas”, which is especially popular in a sleek design.

A coat of knitted mink finish with wide flounces across the edge of the product – choice for a girl who does not want to remain unnoticed. Notable knitted texture mink fur charming combined with the large flounced from the standard smooth mink fur. If knitted fur fabric may lack luster, which is usually characteristic of this chic fur, with flounces such coats acquire and radiance, and dynamics.

Coat with knitted mink fur can be worn not only in the February cold, but also in autumn and early winter, outlining dress during an evening out or for a walk in dry weather in the style of a chic-casual. The most fashionable coats of knitted mink its cut reminiscent of the traditions of the fifties and sixties – they have a length of not crossing the middle of the knee, no collar, sleeves can also be shortened. A popular pattern for such coats – thin transverse strip, which looks great on plain brown fur and black, and with a contrasting mix of alternating black and white stripes.

A coat of knitted mink may be supplemented, and other contrasting with her element, such as a lush collar or cuff of the other furs. Its type depends on the color and structure of knitted fabric mink, better if they are in tune with each other. Valid and striking differences, when the short-haired mink fur coats combined with long shiny fur, e.g., Fox, Fox. Such models are good for cold winters, they are warm, in addition, this coat looks very individual and unusual.

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