Coats, jackets and coats this season are more likely to buy not for them just to show off, but more from a practical point of view, note sellers outerwear stores. Mostly buyers choose these items that will be warm.

This season often buy short coat from beaver and rabbit Rex. The latter has the same fur, like sheared beaver. In previous years it is more popular with the fur of rabbit, which can be ordered on the website But now winters have become warmer and wetter, so the best option in such conditions, the beaver, and Rex rabbit.

Rex rabbit bred specifically for fur. His fur is similar to sheared beaver. He has podpushek and long coat top that protects from getting wet. The mink fur is cheaper, but more expensive than a normal rabbit.

Among down “exaggerated” jackets now are likely to choose such length below the knee. While last year buyers were interested in short jackets. Now, more and more buyers are choosing long natural “jackets”. They say that they’re more comfortable, and most importantly, not blowing wind. The current collars on jackets primarily made of Fox fur.

This year went on sale bilateral coats. You can wear them both on one side and another. On the one hand the product of the Tsigal sheep, and leather. Collar and sleeves are made from raccoon fur. These coats mostly size large, so basically buy them middle-aged women. The price – from 650 to 800 dollars.

Quickly buy this season’s jackets, embellished with Swarovski stones. Special demand is observed on a short close-fitting jacket made of sheepskin, over which the sewn stones. These products are mainly bought by young women, while the older ladies choose a wide poncho.

Buy this year and the jacket of patent leather, which are also more suited to the younger generation. There are also leather jackets with gold plated – the prices fluctuate within a range from 700 to 1 thousand 300 euros.

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