кофейная клизмаCoffee enema and its purifying effect has been known for a long time. This method is widely used traditional healers, and those who practice alternative therapies. Some doctors believe this procedure is very unsafe, so the information is for informational purposes only.

The principle of action of the coffee enema

The action of the coffee enema is different from the effect of salt. Their main difference is in the presence of caffeine, contained in coffee. Caffeine, a combination of theophylline and theobromine, promotes relaxation of smooth muscles, dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts. Coffee enema cannot simply replace a Cup of coffee. The veins of the anus are located very close to the surface tissues, therefore in this area of caffeine much faster enters the body, and in a much higher concentration than drinking a Cup of coffee.

Useful properties of enemas and intestinal lavage using coffee

Flush colon and cleansing of the body with enemas was known for hundreds of years, and has always been regarded as a safe procedure. The advantage of the coffee enema is in its chemical formula to providing a stimulating effect. Пальмитаты, enzymes contained in coffee, together with bile acid output from the liver of toxins and harmful substances. Coffee penetrates геморроидальную Vienna and then on the portal vein rises to the liver.

On the advanced gallbladder bile ducts moves toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, there is a stimulation of peristaltic activity. Eventually when emptying the intestine with bile out toxins from the body and toxins.

Sets and devices for enemas and intestines washing

To conduct enemas at home, you need a special device is reusable. These kits can be purchased at any pharmacy. Many of them are inexpensive and intended for a single use, but you can use them several times, after thoroughly washing.

  • Distilled water
  • Natural coffee any degree of roast
  • Piston tea pot
  • 8 cups of water to boil

Recipe for coffee enema

  • Grind in a coffee grinder 8 tablespoons full of natural coffee. Put ground coffee in your coffee maker, in principle, you can use a drip coffee maker, but with organic filters.
  • Pour ground coffee boiling water and leave завариться, then cool. Cools about coffee for an hour or more.
  • An hour later when the fluid reaches the temperature of the body. You can check the temperature of the coffee finger, it should be slightly warm, but not cold and not hot.
  • Lower the plunger coffee makers down to sediment remains in the tank and drain the liquid in the capacity of a set of enemas.

Coffee enema not to make flavored sweetened coffee or coffee with milk.

Application of coffee enemas, suppositories or means for washing intestines perfectly cleanses the body of toxins, gives lightness and energy.

Intestinal lavage coffee broth

In some hospitals also practiced a coffee intestinal lavage. Ask your specialist to buy and prepare the organic coffee in advance. Do not forget that the coffee in this case is added to the special device for washing intestines, so washed out from the body slightly faster than with domestic procedure. This is perfectly normal. Intestinal lavage or, as it is called, high enema, with the use of coffee is a great way to eliminate constipation and little to lose weight.

Make sure that the capacity for enemas was pretty tough.

Make sure that neither the capacity nor the hose got coffee grounds or grain. To the coffee oils are not scored hose, it should not be twisted.

Follow the instructions, which is attached to any set for enemas. Lie on your right side, enter the enema and try to keep the coffee inside for 10-15 minutes.

In this time you can easily belly massage, massage movements are performed from right to left, up, left, then right and below the navel). While holding coffee, experts recommend to change position of a body. Several minutes after the beginning of the procedure, over on his back, then after another few minutes on the left side, completes the procedure emptying of the colon.

Unfounded information about the danger of coffee enemas

Many people are afraid of such procedures, some believe that too frequent enema provoke the development of constipation. In fact, these fears are completely baseless. After extracting the enema, the functionality of the intestine is returning to normal, and after a bowel enema works just fine, especially if you don’t overuse of harmful food and not eat too much fiber. Do not make the coffee enema every week, if within a few weeks you can get rid of constipation or suffer from regular constipation, escaping from them only by using enemas, suppositories or rinse of the colon, be sure to check with your doctor.

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