компактная пудраCompact powder found in the purse of almost every woman. The only exception is the owner of perfect skin, which does not require any correction, but this is rare. Therefore, the beauty industry multiplies the types and shades of these funds, which are based on a compact compressed texture and miniature volume that can easily fit into a small case.

Compact powder – essence of beauty many modern women, because with its help you can disguise flaws of the skin, giving it an exquisite natural glow.


Types of powder

компактная пудраMany centuries women had primitive powders, which were made from flour and produced exclusively in рассыпчатом form. Such exist today, but their application to the skin difficult, nonetheless, it is difficult to carry these products. Compact powder gives the skin a pleasant natural matte finish, mask Shine, adjust the shape of the face, and all this in a matter of seconds. Cosmetics brands compact powder of different types, they vary according to their purpose according to the needs of the skin of every woman.

There is a powder simple, to make the Mat and finish, while others are designed for dark tanned or from the nature of the skin. There is a powder, which give the lights and hide the wrinkles, creating the effect of a terrace, powder enriched with vitamins, with sunscreen, mineral and antibacterial. Is easy to get confused, but such a wide choice allows women with thin individual needs to find yourself really the correct tool.


The powder

компактная пудраThe powder has changed a lot since its inception, and modern powder texture and physical properties are far from the original «bakery products»used by the ladies of the Rococo era. Now powder is not a cover for the person giving the noble pallor, is a comprehensive and multi-functional cosmetic product, enriched with vitamins, protecting it from aggressive UV helps us to cope with the problems of the skin.

Compact powder contains talc, giving it its texture, zinc oxide, iron, synthetic polymers, the regulators of viscosity, essential oils, antioxidants, aromatic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, stabilizers color and consistency, and other substances. Allergic or the owner of sensitive skin it is better to look in the direction of hypoallergenic compact powder without keeping large amounts of synthetic components, not irritating the skin, but do not lose their camouflage and protective properties.


Applying powder

компактная пудраPowder applied to the face after imposed, the make-up. She becomes the final stroke, eliminating the Shine and giving skin a natural velvety matte finish. Apply powder on the face спонжиком light промакивающими movements, focusing on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). If the powder is provided by a few shades, you can use a soft wide natural brush, powder terrace also can be applied not sponge, brush, so that the result looks more natural.

Women of Mature age, who already have wrinkles on the face, should not use powders with a pronounced effect of dulling, because they only emphasize the age-related changes of the skin, clogging in the folds. They should pay attention to the silky texture powder with reflective particles. In such a compact powder applied and look exactly the same as conventional Matt, and outer glow can be almost invisible to the naked eye in пудренице. But when applying these tools transform the face and wrinkles are hidden, and the face looks young and acquires smooth healthy glow.

Baked powder are no longer a novelty. This type of compact powder promoted Italian brand Pupa, and its success subsequently inspired many other brands. Baked powder differs from the usual texture and composition, it is enriched with vitamins and other useful substances, it is recommended for use on dry skin. This powder unlike traditional has a fairly heavy texture, it should not be used by sponge, better take a good brush. Baked powder compact ensures radiance, hide wrinkles, but it is not suitable for use in combination, oily, problem skin, which requires more light consistency.

Any compact powder after a while becomes the focus of bacteria, which invariably repeatedly transferred from the face of the powder compact, remaining on спонжике and in the powder. To struggle with this unpleasant and dangerous side effect can only improving hygiene of its use. Change спонжики as often as possible, wash the brush, and for problem skin with active acne use матирующими antibacterial wipes, and do not put sebum back into the pores of the powder.

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