Take care of your hands need as well as for other parts of the body all year round. Because they are exposed to different substances. In summer, your skin also suffers.

It was during this season they need to moisturize and protect from exposure to sunlight. In the summer time a person spends in the garden. The pores are closed, the skin dries.
Как зимой оберегать руки и ухаживать за ногтями4
Before going out you need to apply protective cream or other means.

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Every night the hands should be cleaned with special brush and soap. Nourish the skin of hands and nails. In the evening apply the cream to moisturize and nourish the skin. Home work gloves. Once a week do a scrub and mask. To nourish the skin and olive oil.

To help the hands and massage. When applying the cream, RUB it in a little more than usual. You should start from the toes and go to the elbow.

Masks soften the skin. They have vitamins that improve the skin. For example, a mask of honey, olive oil, egg yolks and lemon should be applied on the skin at night and wear gloves.

Are exposed to on a and nails. Lacquer fade under exposure to sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a special protective coating. Good folk remedy – baths with sea salt. They are healthier nails.
Как зимой оберегать руки и ухаживать за ногтями3
There are a few simple ways to help the hands. Tub of their yogurt and starch mixed with water. You need to do 15 minutes and then apply a nourishing cream. To no cracks, you can make a bath of linseed, which is filled with water and boiled to form slurry.

From the calluses on your hands to help bath of starch and water. It should be done every other day for two months.

It is good to clean the skin, to help bath of ammonia, mixed with glycerin, baking soda and liquid soap. Add water and stir.

Olive oil makes the skin tender and soft and will nourish the nail plate. This oil is heated, put the hands on 10 minutes.

To take on hands inflammation, you need to mix the glycerin, calendula, chamomile and water. To insist a couple of hours. This lotion to wipe your hands several times throughout the day.
ухоженные руки как главная составляющая женского образа3
To whiten the skin, you need to brew the roots and leaves of parsley. To clean hands morning and evening.

Scrub can not buy, and make your own. To do this, mix salt, finely ground vegetable oil. With a swab applied to the skin and rubbed in.

Warts will save the onion mask. To do this, the onion pour the vinegar and infuse for 4 hours. Apply on the wart and keep it for 50 minutes.
Руки даны мне — протягивать каждому обе…2
Keep your hands well-groomed, do not have to spend a lot of money. To save the budget and have beautiful nails and soft skin is possible and in house conditions.

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