тональный кремBoasting a beautiful healthy skin, which needs no disguise can a rare woman. Unbalanced diet, stress, poor environment, sleep deprivation, and hormonal imbalances always negatively affect the condition of the skin, and first of all, in her tone. To correct these deficiencies helps concealer, which a century is the guardian of female beauty, while being invisible.


History of Foundation

тональный кремNatural skin tone, people have sought to adjust always. Of course, all this happened with the help of improvised means, but also requirements for the color of a person previously were different than now. In ancient times, the tone is not so much improved, much as they set off, after all, on the natural skin tone cosmetics, which, of course, was also primitive, was not so noticeable.

In later periods, when became fashionable for noble pallor, contrasting favourably with sunburn peculiar to the common people, women and men was whitening face powder on the basis of flour, chalk, pollen and lead. There is nothing surprising in the fact that such experiments are often ended in severe poisoning. But beauty at all times demanded sacrifices, and with this dubious cosmetics had to put up for lack of alternatives. Safe and effective means of changing the tone, appeared much later, when I changed the requirements for aesthetics, and came into fashion naturalness. Cosmetics for correction of colours over time, have ceased to be only a decorative and became a mask.

Impetus to the development of tonal resources gave the film, which at the beginning of the twentieth century began their slow climb to cultural heights. The movies were in black and white, and skin Actresses had to look perfect, which is not always achieved cosmetics available in those days. Theatrical makeup often Sokh under the hot lights and looked extremely unnatural. There was a need for steady and effective tone tool that would look good, and which would not have to put on a person by a thick layer.

Polish Max Factor make-up artist in 1914 came up with this cream, which was patented in the form of compact funds Pan-Cake and received a start in life in 1935. In the future, textures and shades of Foundation has expanded, and on the market today, you can find a means any tone, density, for any skin type.


Requirements to tone cream

In fact, the Foundation is a combination of two other cosmetics – liquid moisturizing cream and powder, rich pigments. The main value of this tool is the ability to make the skin more smooth, masking its defects, from dullness, pallor to Express rosacea. Modern creams have in their composition “smart” pigments, which are adjusted to the natural skin tone, merging with him, that allows to avoid the visibility borders applying the cream, makeup natural.

Creams are selected on the skin type and, depending on its individual characteristics.

Part of the funds can be the same chemicals that’s in the regular moisturizing cream. This allows tone cream not only to mask the shortcomings and to improve the colour of the face, but also to care for them, providing delay age-related changes, giving the skin a radiant and providing lifting-effect.

An important requirement to tone cream – texture that does not clog the pores and allows the skin to breathe. Especially it concerns creams-powders with matting effect and means for teenagers, who tend desperately to hide under pigmenting tone acne. Concealer should provide a natural look, without matting effect of the plaster, but should pay attention to its ability to persist in the face throughout the day. Concealer should not “float”, exposing the problem areas.


Types tone creams

тональный кремClassical Foundation has reasonable density and intensity pigments. These creams can have in the oil. And then they are good for dry skin, which will not prevent additional food and radiance.

Cream-fluid provides the skin lightest covering, which can be quite dense. Fluids are recommended for application on the skin, which requires a small smoothing and giving radiance. There are, tonal fluids for Mature skin, which they give a beautiful glow by using light-reflecting particles that hides the presence of wrinkles.

For oily or combination skin perfect concealer-mousse. Its airy texture is not felt on the face, but he may be rich pigments high density, which allows providing effective disguise skin defects. In addition, concealer-mousse perfectly matte finish, not allowing to appear greasy luster.


Rules of application of Foundation

Concealer never apply on clean face, only after moisturizer or base-primer, which smoothes the skin, preparing for applying decorative cosmetics, providing resistance makeup. The thinner and lighter texture cream, the easier it is to put his hands spreading her fingers. Thick dense textures high pigmentation require special or hard sponges flat brushes, allowing to impose tone smooth and thin.

Foundation must match the skin tone may be a little lighter, for example, if a person has the redness, but in any case not darker – you will get the effect of the mask. If you are afraid that Foundation will form denser than you need or will be darker, mix it on a hand with an equal number of conventional moisturizers, then put on your skin.

If there is a need to hide acne, blemishes and other imperfections, use locally dense concealer a tone lighter skin. Thoroughly blend tool fingers, and then apply concealer, which will enable smooth face.

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