тональный крем или пудраA quality model for the cosmetics is the Japanese cosmetics. And all due to a fundamentally different approach to the production and unique ingredients. Due to this get world famous melting texture, effect and gentle formula. That is why today we will test the concealer with powder of professional brand of the Country of the rising sun – Wamiles. The uniqueness of this tool is that it is made of mineral-based and includes both powder and concealer.

So, concealer powder perfect color Face Two-Way Foundation is made in white minimalist case with mirror, sponge and tool itself. The box is very convenient and compact. And the product itself is a classic concealer or powder , odorless, which pleases gentle contact with the skin. In this case, the sponge will need even those girls who are accustomed to using brushes. Because when you add water, the means of already applied as a concealer with powder. This should be done it with a sponge. As shown by our test? Unfortunately, the full effect of Foundation did not work, the skin appeared only a light veil. However, the tool as a powder not only pleased, but even became a real beauty discovery.

This concealer with the effect of the powder is mineral, the lightest texture that hides imperfections and evens out your skin. Japanese experts, who have hundreds of palettes, correctors for the personthat created this product for double action. Therefore, concealer powder perfect color wonderfully creates a light veil on the skin, which was not felt. It lays down a thin layer is less than 10 micrometers, and at the same time gently cares for the skin and gives a decorative treatment.

As regards the proposed colors, you can choose natural and gentle tone on the theme of natural beauty. It – 249 Light Ocher, 248 Natural Beige, 247 Beige, 219 Pink. Causing bronzing shades you will not find in this collection. Be prepared for the fact that when using the Foundation with the effect of powder you will forget about fatty Shine, freckles, fine wrinkles and uneven skin.

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