контурная пластикаContour plastic surgery of the face can significantly change the shape of the facial contour by increase or decrease of areas requiring certain correction. If necessary, correction of one or another zone by its reduction surgery is to reduce the volume of bone structure in this area, while for more expressiveness and excretion of one or another part of the face is filling in this area by the cells of the patient’s own tissue or biocompatible implants.

Contour plastic surgery of the chin can give correct and attractive format expressionless limp or stubble on his chin. Often this operation is performed in combination with rhinoplasty (reshaping of the nose). Very often visually too large nose is nothing more than the result of insufficient chin.

The procedure of increase of the cheeks conducted if necessary, add volume to the top honor cheeks and strengthening of the overall expression of the facial contour. Aesthetically shall be the person with the correct proportions of nose, cheeks and chin.

A very common contouring procedures are also the correction of the form of the forehead and the midface, as a rule, this increase in these zones.


Correction of mandibular angle

The decrease in the angle of the mandible can correct too rounded or angular shape of the face, giving it a more soft or elongated shape. Often such transaction will combine with contouring of the chin (as a rule, this capacity). Quite often it is similar to the procedure used by patients with the Asian type of person. When Caucasian type correction of mandibular angle is done by implantation of implants that give more expressive shape of the face oval or round shape.

The surgery involves an incision in the mouth, which helps to avoid external scars. Before holding of contour correction of mandibular angle specialist makes the necessary measurements, and under endoscopic increase selects the correct position and the reduction of the corner. Often the operation requires reducing the thickness of the chewing muscles. To minimize bleeding and reduce the risk of infection in a tiny hole under the chin insert a small drainage. At this place after the procedure remains completely invisible tiny scar with the size not more markings from mosquito bite. For selection of the optimal level of correction today latest computer technology, allowing to achieve the most satisfying of customer results and to reduce possible risks during the operation of contour correction.


Plastic Malar area

To the correction of Malar area often resort women who wish to give the face a more soft and feminine shape, as too prominent cheekbones give the face of abrupt and rude expression. The reduction of the zygomatic bones applied with very expressive and wide cheekbones. The procedure is performed through an incision inside the ear in front of the ear canal, and inside the mouth, after the surgery does not remain visible scars. The zygomatic arch arch separates from the Foundation, slid inside and it goes down and then fixed stainless connections. The zygomatic bone after correction heal very quickly, the process of stabilization and consolidation takes about a week. The appearance of puffiness in the postoperative period it is quite normal, the result plastics gradually manifested as the disappearance of oedema. In General, the postoperative period is quite soft and almost painless.


Compatible procedures

The nose, cheek and chin form the so-called «Golden triangle», exactly balanced proportions of its components form an aesthetically attractive and photogenic appearance. For example, chin correction will improve the result of rhinoplasty patient with beveled or poorly developed chin. Correction wide cheekbones, often combined with a change in the shape of the nose. Quite often the case when the reshaping of the nose requires a reduction in the mandibular angle or too expressive cheekbones.

Not the last role in achieving the optimum result plays a psychological readiness of the patient to accept postoperative changes in your appearance.


Contour plastic body

Contour plastic body can be considered the next stage, the correction of figure, the passage of which is necessary after bariatric surgery. After getting rid of excess weight, many patients do not feel fully grown thin, the disappearance of extra pounds is not accompanied magic transformations in a slim and smart person. Most of these patients suffer loose skin, cleared from fat or fatty deposits in the most «stubborn» places. Contour body – the final chord in the successful transformation of the previously fat man with normal weight and aesthetically attractive body.

For contouring of the body, experts consider the number of procedures. The most popular is circular lifting. While the surgical incision is located in the lower part of the torso and thigh lifting and buttocks. Often this procedure is accompanied by the increase of the buttocks, as if severe weight loss this zone, as a rule, loses much in volumes. Plasty of the anterior abdominal wall (abdominoplasty) are often included in the circular lifting of the body.

Some patients are in the process of lifting the upper body, this plastic is often combined with a breast augmentation and lift the skin in the upper part of the forearm.

Contour body lengthy and laborious process. Full correction of body contours can take more than a year. As a rule, such procedures are carried out in two-three stages, with certain breaks between them.

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