контурный макияжContour makeup until recently was a secret of professional makeup artists. Currently there is a whole series of cosmetic products that will help to make the facial features more vivid and expressive, as well as to hide defects and deficiencies.


Tools contour makeup

Sticks and illuminators to provide structure to the face will help to create soft, vivid and flawless makeup. These pencils skulptoriaus cheekbones. To make cheekbones more light, enough to put the window in small strokes on the upper part of the cheekbones, the edges of the nose, Central forehead and chin. Do not forget to shade the window with your fingertips.

If you want to highlight cheekbones, on top of the cheekbones, apply a window, and on the lower part of the contour stick and blend with fingertips. To correct the nose and make it thinner using the side of the contouring stick for the face. Apply it on the wings of the nose, and the edges of the nose, apply a face illuminator. Blend fingers that was not seen sharp transition between the funds. If you want to emphasize chin, small strokes, apply the contour stick along the chin.

For contour makeup there are special edition blushes, which include a whole palette of bright colors and easy shaded. You can use each color separately or mix different colors to add the face a natural glow. To provide structure to the cheekbones on top of the cheekbones, apply a brighter blush, and on the lower part of the cheekbones apply a darker. Mix the two shades and apply them on the Central part of the cheek.


How to do contour makeup

Start with a tonal framework. Using your Foundation to the tone of your skin, you smooth the complexion, and you will have a basis on which you will be able to apply contour makeup, using darker and lighter tones. To perform contouring the face without make-up Foundation is quite difficult because of uneven skin tone. The composition of the Foundation should be identical to the composition of those cosmetic products that you plan to use, for example, on the basis or powder, but should not be mixed.

If you find it difficult to determine the right tone of Foundation, try to find the identical skin tone on the neck. The color of the skin on the neck is always lighter than the skin. Picking up the tonal Foundation of this color, you will avoid too dark tones of the face. You can use a darker Foundation if you want to hide some facial features. You should not buy a Foundation two shades darker than your skin, otherwise makeup will not look natural.

Now it’s time contouring the face. Gather your hair in a ponytail. Contouring is done from the roots of the hair to the top of the forehead, temples and around the contour of the face. Prepare your face. Remove makeup, wash face and thoroughly wipe face with a towel. As needed, apply exfoliatorto remove dead skin cells, then apply moisturizer. Wait until the cream is well absorbed. Now apply Foundation and blend it with a brush or fingers. Don’t forget about the remedy of dark circles under the eyes. On the following areas apply a lighter Foundation:

  • in the center of the forehead;
  • above the eyebrows;
  • along the edge of the nose;
  • on the cheekbones;
  • between the tip of the nose and upper lip;
  • in the middle of the chin.

Darker Foundation should be applied to the following areas of the face:

  • in the upper part of the forehead;
  • the left and right side of forehead near the hair roots;
  • on the sides of the nose;
  • in the hollows of the cheeks;
  • along the jaw, both sides, from the ears to the tip of the chin.

Well blend your Foundation to get a natural face tone. You can use highlighting if you want highlight the light areas. Apply highlighter on those areas, where I used a light Foundation. If you feel your face pale, use blush. Put them in a small amount on the cheekbones and blend thoroughly. In case you used a makeup creamy facilities, it is recommended to use powderto create makeup perfection. Now, nakraste eyes and lips.


Semi-permanent makeup

If you don’t have enough time to flawless makeup, alternative to traditional cosmetics can become semi-permanent makeup. The technique of semi-permanent make-up is as follows: using the electric apparatus and sterile disposable needles under the skin are mineral dyes. It’s something like the semi-permanent tattooing of the skin. Semi-permanent makeup lasts up to three years. On the duration of survival makeup is influenced by several factors:

  • the quality of the dye;
  • the selected color;
  • cellular regeneration;
  • stay under the sun;
  • the application of sunscreens.

Semi-permanent makeup can be performed on the eyebrows, lips, eye contours. With this makeup you can make yourself a mole or freckle.

There is also a permanent make-up, which allows us to give a clear outline of light brows, to make clear the contour of the lips, to make it more expressive look or to add a moles.

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