Many girls wish to increase hair grow desired length is not always possible, but to increase gives a clear result in few hours. However, before this procedure, you first need to familiarize yourself with some negative consequences.
Противопоказания к процедуре наращивания волос2
To begin to define with the salon and master, it is often a problem after the hair may occur due to the inexperience of the wizard. As one of the options could be considered hair extensions in Butovo. If you want to be safe, before extension hair, visit trichologist to check out their hair. Hair extensions absolutely can not do people who suffer from diseases of the hair and the consequences of increasing, in this case, can be simply unpredictable. And all because before weakened bulbs can just fall out of the weight of artificial hair.

If a girl is healthy hair she had no problems, and contraindications to capacity can not be. And in order to prevent possible negative consequences of the extension, you must follow some tips for the care of skilled master always tell you about them during the procedure of extension.
Противопоказания к процедуре наращивания волос
During the build master should use quality cosmetics and comply strictly with the technology – and then the problems should arise, then only discomfort in the first few days, to which one can become used to not pay attention. However, if discomfort continues, and uncomfortable sleeping, of course better to remove hair, but you can perform this procedure only in the cabin, if you make it at home, then negative consequences provided. You also need to do during the procedure of correction, when the hair will please you not one month.

Article publication date: November 7, 2013

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