No matter how expensive was not the image of the girl, he fades, if the nails are not sufficiently well maintained. Now this situation is less common, because there are many ways to maintain the beauty and health of your nails.

Became very popular courses manicure, pedicure. Having finished them, you can take care of nails at home, knowing all the rules and details, without fear of harm. Besides, home self-care will help to save some money, but will have to take more time. This is a good option for women with very sensitive skin, because over time you can find those products that do not cause allergies and is ideal to your own skin type.
Удобные способы ухода за ногтями3
Occupied girls prefer to visit a nail Studio and beauty salons to get the service from a professional. In this case, the work will be done quickly and efficiently, but require some financial costs. In addition, guests can make complex design of nails, which independently perform very difficult.

You can often find nail Studio at home. This is an option when the wizard has finished the courses and work. Such care is cheaper, but the quality does not always meet the customer expectations.
Удобные способы ухода за ногтями
Variants of design of nails incredible number. At its peak now MINX-design and different gel-lacquers. MINX-design or Hollywood design a new generation of nail coating. This thin film print, which is applied to the nail plate with a special lamp. Holding such a design for about a week. The gel nail is gel with the addition of color pigment. It is more harmful than MINX-design, but kept on nails much longer.

On the second plan go accrued nails, because one of the main trends is a natural, natural beauty.

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