коралловый цвет в одеждеCoral color in clothing is one of the most fashionable shades, open to different shapes in numerous styles. Coral can wear women both young and Mature, unlike its sister rose, in addition, coral illuminates the skin, emphasizing a natural glow and Golden tan. As in any shade, coral has its own theory of the best and worst combinations, to confirm or disprove that can only be experienced by each individual.

The coral shade is really diverse, and even fashionistas with an impressive baggage combine shades sometimes referred to as orange, red, red-pink. Coral is one of the shades of orange, which is close to pink. If pure orange – warm, and any pink – cool, coral is a cross between two flowers.

It can be perceived as cold, and as warm, depending on their hue from their environment, which has a certain influence. Sometimes it is called salmon, than there is no contradiction, sometimes peach, that can also be true. In General, coral is a multi – faceted playing tint, very malleable and adaptive.


Combination with coral

Coral combined with ones own shades and juicy contrast. Those who love the monochromatic images can access the coral as the Foundation or accent, combining it with a soft pink, clear red, hot orange, pale peach. It is important to choose the version of coral, which will not merge with other color – difference may be subtle, but it should be recognized by the eye.

For an image of summer one of the best combinations with coral – clear blue or turquoise. For fair-haired and fair-skinned is better to stay on the blue, girls tanned and dark-haired should appreciate the beauty of neon-turquoise.

If you prefer warm colors, which are better in tune with your appearance, you stay shaded coral yellow or green. And blue, and yellow-green range preferred with coral accessories. The coral shade is easier to adapt to different types of appearance, so you should make a basic outfit is easier and safer, especially for those who have a little experience on the part of the fashion combining.

You can wear coral dress with turquoise necklace or earrings, with blue bracelet or shoes, with yellow clutch or a pendant on a long chain, with lettuce leather strap at the waist.


Coral and clothing details

If you want to buy the thing coral shade, but don’t know what it is, assume features of the figure. For example, if you have plump thighs, do not buy coral pants or skirt – let it be a jacket. Women who follow in everyday life neutral style with basis in the form of a beige colors or Safari, it is recommended to diversify closet coral accessory – shoes or a handbag. Coral jacket is slightly fitted cut or lengthened blazer will not be superfluous in the wardrobe. It will help to freshen up the image with a different base – blue, grey, brown and of course black.

For those who fear the power of active coral even in his bright versions, it is recommended to stay on the stuff printed with the presence of coral. The most beneficial on the tissues of the coral look with blue, turquoise, yellow, light green, blue, purple, lilac, pink.

Dazzling feminine and romantic look with long flowing chiffon skirt silhouette and lace dresses-sheath coral shade. They are great alone or in a neutral or contrasting combinations.


Universal or not

The coral color is very fashionable and almost universal, because to find it for any color type. He goes and blondes, and brunettes, and red, and ash, and white, and tan. The only amendment: coral is not suitable for women contrasting cold winter color type, the so-called “Belosnegka”. The owners porcelain skin and blue black hair coral does not give neither femininity nor fresh, but it will wash away all the splendor of daring ice-cold contrast. Such women need clean bright saturated colors – purple, emerald green, deep blue.


Celebrities in coral

If the actual shade, nothing surprising in the fact that the famous women wear it constantly experimenting with different combinations.

  • Saposoa Eva Longoria bright coral dress is perfect. It emphasizes tan actress, and she don’t need no bright makeup or contrasting accessories – red strap at the waist enough.
  • Model Molly Sims – blonde, so she wisely chose top and shoes peach shade and coral pants. Makeup in neutral pink tones supported the outfit.
  • Miranda Kerr chose for everyday image coral jacket that is worn on a basic set of classic jeans and a white top.
  • Dazzling blend-coral-dress ceremony “Golden globe” once wore Emma stone, adding to its clutch rich Golden-red color.
  • Sofia Vergara on the red carpet always dazzling, and coral dress Vera Wang reiterated all the feminine curves of the actress. No “side” of colors in the image – only metallic luster earrings and bracelet.
  • Indian actress Frieda Pinto coral goes, so she enjoys it, choosing to release different colors for dresses from bright, bordering on pink to rich, almost orange.

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