коралловый пилингPeeling long been considered a universal procedure for the skin as it helps to clean the skin, opening the pores, to make it Shine, returning youth and freshness, suspend the aging process and in General to transform the face and body. There is a chemical peeling and mechanical, that both have advantages and disadvantages, contraindications and side effects. Coral peeling among these procedures stands alone, because unlike other types of abrasive effect on the skin, its effect is not so much annoying and aggressive as a healing and calming.


Features coral peeling

Coral peeling is an alternative name, which fully reflects the essence of this medicinal cosmetic procedures. “Roses-de-Mer” (rose de mer) refers to mechanical types of peels and may also be considered as a full thalassotherapy. Coral peeling “rose de Mer” developed by Israeli experts, it can be used both independently and in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, including with other types of mechanical and chemical peels. Coral peeling is done using a mixture of coral crumbs with Dead sea salt, extracts of medicinal herbs and essential oils that provide a complex effect on the skin.

Unlike other types of mechanical peeling, coral combines exfoliation with simultaneous treatment, involving the pores, as well as scars, fine vitaminiziruet the skin. Usually when acne in the active form of mechanical peelings are not recommended, but “rose de Mer” is an exception. Coral crumb with other medicinal items peeling mixture effectively and gently cleanses the skin, providing healing, bactericidal effect, reducing the risk of formation of scars, which often follow a cure acne. But acne is not the only indication for coral peeling “rose de Mer”.


Indications for coral peeling

Acne and prevention of post-acne – is perhaps the most common indications for treatment coral-peeling. Using coral crumbs can be effectively exfoliate skin, even if it has pustular education, “mechanics” in this case does not lead to retaliatory irritation to sensitive skin problem. On the contrary, the mix of roses de Mer” wonderful heals the skin, not allowing to form deep scars. Grinding coral crumb after vanishing acne helps the skin in a short time to regain even color, without a hint of rosacea and irritation, perfectly aligning turgor and making it glow.

Intensive mechanical action of medicinal coral mixture allows to solve problems not only on the face but also on the body.

So “rose de Mer” is suitable for removing stretch marks after pregnancy and sharp fluctuations in weight, for the prevention and treatment of cellulite and swelling of tissues, for clarification of pigmentary stains of any origin, to align the color of the skin. This type of mechanical peeling unlike their brethren also ideal for narrowing of enlarged pores – typically abrasive exfoliation with this problem is strictly contraindicated.

Rejuvenation, skin tightening, improve its tone with the elimination of sagging and wrinkles are indications to the coral peeling. It is also recommended to do with contraindications to other types of anti-aging cosmetic procedures for the face, hands and neck.


Types of coral peeling

For different purposes using different types of mixtures for coral peeling, usually they are largest coral crumbs and way of leather processing. Peeling Light refers to a light cosmetic procedures, it can be used without sharp testimony, as it perfectly stimulates skin renewal, increasing its resistance to aggressive environment. The composition for this peeling is applied to the face with gentle strokes, but not rubbed, and is left on the skin for about five minutes.

There is a deep coral peeling (Deep), where the composition “rose de Mer” is rubbed into the skin. If you want intense exfoliation, then the mixture is applied to the face, rubbed, remaining on the skin is not more than a couple of minutes, then washed off. Sometimes you have deep influence, as if smoothing of scars, then the product is applied on the skin and rubbed remains to ten minutes. The degree of dispersion of coral chips and other components of the masses for peeling cosmetologist picks itself depending on the indications and the patient’s skin.

Coral peeling is recommended courses, taking a break in a few weeks between sessions.

Typically required to five treatments depending on the evidence and type mixture. After coral peeling week it is necessary to refrain from water procedures with steaming and within two weeks not appear in the open sun. Cosmetologist will recommend to buy a vehicle for post-peeling care that accelerates the healing of the skin, increasing the effectiveness of the procedure.


Contraindications to the coral peeling

Although coral peeling shown many patients who have different skin problems, not allowing them to apply for other types of cosmetic skin treatment, he eats some contraindications, including those associated with the origin of the composition.

You cannot do coral peeling for open wounds, with acute viral and infectious diseases, including herpes during pregnancy and increased body temperature. If you are allergic to seafood, you may also wish to select another type of peeling. With special care should be taken to the prospect of coral peeling people with diseases of the thyroid gland. When receiving a derivative of vitamin a should refrain from the procedure.

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