кукурузные рыльца для похуденияRecently, a very actively used corn silk for weight loss. How to use this tool for weight loss, and what unintended consequences may result losing weight using corn silk?

Corn is one of the cereals that are known to mankind for many millennia ago. Not only delicious kernels of corn can benefit. Silky fiber that can be seen on the flowers of corn around the cob, widely used in folk medicine. They are called corn stigmas. These stigmas deposited pollen of the male flowers, and as a result of such fertilization begins the development of the fetus corn – cob with kernels. It is not surprising that in the stigmas, which are almost continue the life of the corn contains a lot of useful substances. For centuries people have learned to use corn silk for the treatment of urolithiasis, cystitis, bleeding, renal colic and some other diseases of the kidneys, as well as edema, rheumatism, gout, and other violations.


What is the use of corn silk for body weight reduction?

In recent years, many publications have published materials about the use of corn silk as a means for weight loss is effective and safe. Uncommon and mention that corn silk can be used for the treatment of obesity. So far, however, the use of this tool for weight loss and treatment of obesity has not been studied, and direct evidence for its efficacy is not available.

It is known that corn silk have a strong diuretic properties. Due to withdrawal of fluids from the human body really can quickly lose a few pounds, but this loss does not always give consistent results, moreover, it can be hazardous to health. It is also expected that corn silk reduces appetite, but until it is proven. Many women who drank a decoction of corn silk for weight loss, say that they have really weakened and even almost had no appetite, but it can be associated with properties of the broth, but simply with the consumption of large amounts of fluid. When people drink a lot of normal water, the appetite of him too, as a rule, in varying degrees, is weakening.

In addition, some researchers have put forward the assumption that corn silk can contribute to lower cholesterol levels.


How to drink corn silk

Since the full scale research on the use of corn silk for weight loss has not been conducted, recommendations concerning their use, based only on the experiences of people who have tried this tool myself. Generally, losing weight, it is recommended to take one to three tablespoons of broth, three or four times a day, about half an hour before a meal.

Don’t drink the decoction of corn silk for more than two to three weeks in a row. People who have any chronic diseases and those who are currently taking any medicines, before you can lose weight using corn silk, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

People with severe forms of obesity should lose weight under the constant supervision of a physician. They should not use any means of alternative medicine for weight loss on its own initiative.

Corn silk for weight loss will be especially effective if you will be at the time of their admission to stick to a low calorie diet, get more exercise, drink plenty of water and limit salt intake.

To prepare the broth, put the corn silk in a saucepan and fill it with water (a Cup of water, or 200 ml, one tablespoon of corn silk). Bring the water to a boil for about five minutes to cook the broth on low heat, remove the pan from the heat, and leave the broth for another 30-50 minutes. Strain it, and pour into a clean glass container. Finished the broth can be stored in a dark, cool place not more than five days.


What can be dangerous weight loss using corn silk?

Because corn silk helps to lose weight, mainly due to its diuretic properties, the results don’t last very long. For women who use slimming corn silk (or other diuretics) there is a risk of falling into a kind of vicious circle. A woman drops a few pounds, doesn’t use the decoction of corn silk, weight soon returned, but when she needs urgently to put themselves in the form (before a date, vacation, and so forth), she again drink this decoction, and this continues again and again. Too frequent use of corn silk can lead to a significant reduction of blood sugar levels and an imbalance of electrolytes. Often abuse diuretics leads to a lack of potassium.

In addition, by itself, enough fluid is very harmful for the body. Our brain consists of water by 70%, blood 83%, lungs 90%. When the liquid is excreted too quickly, many organs begin to function worse, resulting in weakness, nausea, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat. The likelihood of such side effects when using broth corn stigmas small, however, if this tool take too long and in very large quantities, sooner or later it will lead to negative consequences. Therefore, although the corn silk and are natural and relatively safe means of losing weight, you have to use them in very moderate quantities, and it is desirable, after consultation with a physician.

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