Speaking of popular brands of perfumes and cosmetic products, it is worth mentioning Latvian company Dzintars, because Dzintars wholesale purchased today many wholesale retailers of elite cosmetics. The reputation this company has gained an attractive positioning, high quality and relatively low prices. Today the Latvian manufacturer Dzintars wholesale offers its buyer biocosmetics, herbal extracts and perfumes. Among the perfumes you can find the money for odorants. In Latvia successfully operates a retail network of the company, in addition, it is represented in twenty-one countries. In Moscow and in other cities of Russia official website Dzintars and the products of this brand represents the company Citynature.ru.

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Brand Dzintars and his path to success

Not so much there are manufacturing companies that are passing through the century, the state and social formation, through crushing and inexorable dust of time, has managed to preserve its good name and unwavering quality of their products. Latvian company Dzintars was able to survive the competition and stay afloat until our time. The history of the brand began back in 1849. Then it was soap and perfume factory. It was founded by Adolf Brugeron, druggist. Back in Europe, it proved to be one of the best productions of perfumes.

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Range of products

To date, distributor Citynature.ru represents several hundred items brand Dzintars. Among the huge range of products you can choose:

  • quality decorative cosmetics;
  • products for skin care, hair;
  • perfumes;
  • lipstick;
  • shade;
  • the carcass;
  • blush;
  • sequins.

And it’s not the whole list of goods, which is the provider in the large wholesale online store. Here you can buy different types of lotions, yogurt, balms. You can also pamper order serum, professional gels and effective cream.

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Note that the goods of the brand Dzintars has a license scandata Ecocept, which the company received in 2010, so all products are certified.

Distributor shall provide each customer comfortable conditions for cooperation. Delivery Dzintars provides reliable transport companies. You can also pick up your order yourself by visiting the warehouse of the importer Citynature.ru.

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