косметическая глинаClay is an integral part of therapeutic and cosmetic compositions in dermatology, cosmetology and medicine. Cosmetic clay known to mankind for many centuries, and to this day, this substance is used in almost the same procedures in which it was used in ancient times. The most important advantage of clay is that it is absolutely natural product that determines its popularity and the inclusion of a large number of cosmetic products with different purposes.


Properties of clay

The clay used inside and externally, for skin and body, for the beauty of hair and treatment of poisoning. Such versatility clay provides its natural composition, rich in minerals. Depending on the type of clay, which is defined by a high content of the mineral properties it may vary, but in General, cosmetic clay has a number of common properties that distinguish it from other medicinal compounds.

Cosmetic clay is an excellent absorbent. It absorbs, draws in toxins and impurities within the body and outside. This gives the opportunity to use it for detoxication and elimination increased greasiness of the skin.

Antiseptic properties of clay can also be used in the composition of the anti-inflammatory masks and compresses. This quality distinguishes the clay from other medicinal components of cosmetics, making it a wonderful healing ingredient for oily skin with acne or sensitive and thin skin that is prone to slight redness.

Mask of clay shown when due to severe inflammation impossible to use other means on the face. It prevents the reproduction of bacteria, tightens pores and eliminates Shine and gives the skin a matte finish, reduces redness, soothes inflammatory elements. After clay masks skin is more smooth and bright tone.


White clay

White clay (kaolin), perhaps the most often used in cosmetics for problem skin. It perfectly absorbs sebum, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, has excellent bleaching properties, matifies skin and reduces inflammation.


Pink clay

The owners of the hypersensitive skin of the face and body, distressed hair, it is recommended to use pink clay. It is rich in iron and potassium and has a mild effect on the epidermis. It softens the skin, reduces inflammation and stimulates circulation of the skin. The use of pink clay facial helps to revitalize the skin, which have already touched upon these signs of aging like sagging, loss of skin tone, fine lines.


Blue clay

Blue clay is similar in action with a white and also can be used for oily skin, but its main difference is that it is a powerful antiseptic and is recommended for treatment of open wounds, severe skin inflammation. Also blue clay is used as a mask for Mature skin, it transforms, it restores the youthfulness and radiance.


Green clay

Green clay is a lot of silicon and iron oxide, which makes it a common ingredient in cosmetics for compresses and wraps, aimed at improving the elasticity of your skin and fight cellulite. Not canceled and anti-inflammatory effect of green clay, used in masks for oily skin. Half bath added in water green clay reduces fatigue, increases energy and heals small wounds on the body.


Yellow clay

If you have dull, tired or problem skin, try the mask on the basis of yellow clay, and you will immediately see the result. Yellow cosmetic clay transforms the skin, restoring its youthful glow, reducing inflammation, lining color, restoring the skin’s cellular renewal. It oxygenates the skin, tightens pores, has a slight effect lifting, tightening flabby Mature skin.


Red clay

As yellow clay, red is not so popular and not so often used in cosmetics as white, blue and green. It includes a lot of iron oxide, chalk, magnesium silicate and aluminum. Red clay is very effective for sensitive skin that needs toning, smooth and combating rosacea.


Black clay

Black clay in cosmetology is used very often as for face and body skin. The composition of black clay allows her to effectively influence the metabolism, stimulate cell renewal, blood circulation, toning the skin, tightening her. Black clay is widely used in anti-cellulite body wraps, masks and wraps to detoxify the pores and increasing the regenerative properties of the skin. It is recommended for dense oily and problem skin, while the skin is thin, dry and sensitive it is better to choose a different type of clay.


Rules for the application of clay

Clay can be applied to the skin in the form of masks as in pure form and mixed with other ingredients, such as olive oil, egg yolk, honey. When preparing the composition is not recommended to use metal objects, take a porcelain bowl and a wooden spoon for mixing.

Cosmetic clay is a natural product, certain types of clay contains a high concentration of minerals that may not always be shown, if you have some disease. Not worth it in the home to do clay body wraps for vast areas of the body, if you have been diagnosed with heart disease, blood vessels, nervous system, cancer and other tumors, if you are pregnant. This powerful effect of the clay drums of the concentration of nutrients can have a negative effect on health.

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