косметические кремыSelecting another cream, you need to understand what impact it has on the skin. Cosmetic creams have different properties and functions.


Types of creams

Cream is an emulsion that looks like mayonnaise texture. Depending on the type of cream there is:

  • emulsion “oil in water”: oil drops in water in the form of suspensions. This emulsion nourishing and moisturizing, easy to apply and absorbs quickly. This is ideal day cream.
  • emulsion “water in oil”: water droplets surrounded by oil. In this case, is created on the skin lipid film. This emulsion is well suited for night care.

Cosmetic cream consists of a large number of water, oil, emulsive substance that binds water and oil.

In the manufacture of natural cosmetics, use vegetable oil first pressed, oils of animal or vegetable wax, in particular bee. This high quality natural ingredients that restore the natural balance of the skin. High quality cosmetic cream 20% consists of the active components.


What are the ingredients in cosmetic cream

виды косметических кремовThere are three groups of components that are used in the production of moisturizer.

First of all, is a chemical substances such as alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C in large quantities and various molecular variations of vitamin A. These components give your skin youth, but they are effective only at high concentrations. These creams may cause irritation, tingling, redness and burning. Therefore, these components are available in creams in small quantities.

The second component, which is contained in virtually every jar of cream, protein of vegetable origin. It is a long chain of amino acidsthat are found in creams. After applying the cream on your face you will feel how your skin shrinks, removing the wrinkles of time, that there is a reduction of chains of amino acids. The third group of components is part of a number of secret ingredients that have an impact at the molecular level. In recent years, increasingly in the production of cream use oil shark liver.


Choice of cream

The choice of cosmetic cream depends primarily on the type of skin. If the skin is dry or sensitive, it needs fat active ingredients. Conversely, if oily skin, the best option is a cream with a light texture. Women with sensitive skin is not recommended to frequently change the cream, in contrast to women with less demanding skin.

A year can change three or four cream. Over the years, the physiology of the skin changes under the influence of various factors (stress, diet, hormonal failures and so forth). It is therefore logical to change the cream depending on the season.


The cream with their hands

косметические кремы своими рукамиIt is very important to understand the effects on the skin provides moisturizer. Its task is not only to moisturize the skin and retain the moisture inside. If you wish, you can make moisturizer at home, using olive, coconut oil, honey and rose water. Instead of honey you can use beeswax. The more wax, the thicker will be the cream, oil adds softness, but too much water can lead to the fact that the components exist separately. Heat each ingredient. Mix the oil with wax and do not forget to constantly stir the mass. Then add water and again mix thoroughly. Put the resulting cream in a jar and refrigerate. This cream can be stored for 3 months.

And here is another prescription cream for sensitive skin that you can prepare at home. For this you need:

  • 1 jar of neutral bio-cream
  • 0.15 g of allantoin
  • 0.75 g of bisabolol
  • 1.9 g of the urea
  • 0.2 g of essential oil of Cistus

Disinfect the whisk or spoon you will mix the ingredients. Neutral bio-cream gradually add the ingredients, not forgetting each time to thoroughly stir the mixture. The cream is ready.

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