косметическая стоматологияToday, cosmetic dentistry widely popular, modern technologies allow to conduct a variety of operations and procedures, starting from the bleaching of teeth and bite before elimination of the spaces between the teeth and the full prosthetics of teeth.


Whitening teeth

Today the procedure of teeth whitening you can go to the dentist office or independently use bleaching preparations and medicines, getting expert advice. For the most efficient use of a whitening tools, dentist according to the size of the oral cavity, creates the impression tray which allows you to control the amount of bleach solution. Whitening teeth at home is very convenient, however, to achieve the desired result may need two to four weeks. Bleaching events in the dentist’s office allow you to see the visible result after the first visit, which lasts a rule, 45-60 minutes. Do not forget that the result of the process over time, levels, especially if you continue to smoke and to expose enamel impact coloring food and drinks.


Fixing materials (bonding)

Application of orthodontic apparatus allows to correct position of individual teeth, for example, to reduce the gap between them and to adjust appearance chipped or broken teeth. Fixing materials are widely used for whitening tooth enamel, to fill a small cavities or to protect exposed tooth root.

The correction procedure usually requires no more than one visit to a specialist. Dentist treats the affected area with a special solution, and then imposes a composite material close in tone to the color of tooth enamel. As such material is often used composite resin (photopolymers). A bond can last for several years, but this is not the only method of restoration chips and cracks on the tooth enamel.



Veneers are thin plates, made of porcelain or plastic on the individual sizes. The veneer is installed on the front surface of the tooth with the purpose of changing its color and/or form.

Testimony to the installation of veneers may be the following situation:

  • The distance between adjacent teeth
  • Chips and wear of tooth enamel
  • Not modifiable change the color of tooth enamel
  • Wrong shape of teeth
  • Slight curvature of the teeth

Often veneers are an alternative to bonding and Vice versa, with the only difference that the installation of veneers is an irreversible process, unlike composite material that can be removed, depending on the situation. Veneers will be cheaper than the crowns, and in comparison with bonding and they are more durable and have the best color fastness. Before installing, veneer dentist removes mold of the teeth, podpilivat «native tooth», and then fixes veneer with the help of dental cement. To strengthen and final fixation of the veneer is used light. Porcelain veneers are made in laboratory conditions; therefore, the patient should be ready to the fact that manufacturing and installation of veneers will require a minimum of two visits to the dentist office.



Crown, unlike veneer, covers the tooth completely, restoring its original form and color.

The crowns shows the following cases:

  • Floor deformed, or discolored tooth
  • Protection is weakened or damaged tooth
  • Restoration of the broken or badly worn tooth
  • Tooth restoration with extensive seal
  • Fixing bridges
  • Coverage dental implants
  • The floor of the tooth after root canal treatment

Crowns are made of metal, porcelain, mixed with metal or ceramic composites.

The crown is not the cheapest form of restoration, therefore such method of correction is used in those cases when more methods available to you are not able to provide a satisfactory result.


Contour correction

Contour correction involves the removal or capacity-layer of the tooth enamel, this procedure often combined with the use of bonding.

Is used for:

  • Correction of length, shape and position of teeth
  • The distortion of the teeth, chipped
  • Minor violations of the bite



Today braces can be installed at any age. Using bereketo you can correct the shape and position of teeth, correct bite, and the position of the jaws. Braces «work» slowly, as a rule, the achievement of the desired results requires from one to three years of continuous wear braces. Modern dentistry offers a metal. Ceramic or plastic brackets. Through the braces is passed a thin metallic wire, which is designed to adjust the position of the teeth.

Installation and wearing braces are not associated with serious side effects, however, are in the risk group are the people with allergies to metal or latex and those who suffer periodicheskimi diseases.



Bridges or fixed dentures set to replace missing teeth artificial prostheses. For manufacture of dental bridges are using gold, alloys, porcelain or composite materials. Artificial teeth are set on the crown, and then the bridge is fixed with cement on the prepared teeth.



Placement of dental implants is the most expensive and complicated type of cosmetic dentistry. Implants are an excellent alternative to the bridges, they are more reliable and durable.

Implant consists of three parts:

  • Titanium is a part that is implanted directly into the jaw bone
  • Reliance, which is partially above the surface of the gums
  • A crown made of the material, as close as possible to the natural color of the enamel

The implant can be replaced as a single tooth, and all set of teeth.

If you have shown cosmetic correction of teeth, contact the clinic with a proven track record and qualified personnel. After the obligatory preliminary inspection by an experienced specialist will help you to choose the most appropriate in your situation kind of cosmetic dentistry.

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