The beauty of these nails anyway defines the beauty of any manicure. Therefore, there is no woman who would not care about the natural state of their nails. Paraffin – procedure is very useful and sought after by many women who have no contraindications to it. Paraffin bath buy now available in the form of a special apparatus to melt the paraffin. Of course, melting it is a useful substance can and just in a normal pan, deep enough so that you can immerse in her hands. Paraffin strengthens nails and softens skin, moisturizes, eliminates separation of the nail plate.

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Scrub, cream, polyethylene, woollen cloth is all that is needed. On the whole procedure, together with training, you will spend about a little over an hour. Buy cosmetic paraffin can on any portal, offering everything for the beauty of the hands and nails.

A new word in strengthening manicure from paraffin

Now there is an alternative to the paraffin bath – manicure paraffin. The whole procedure will take about half an hour. The essence of this method is that hot paraffin fills nutrients the skin around the nail, nourishes and softens cuticles. This type of manicure is recommended and men. The advantages of it in the fact that after such exposure nails easier polished, long time keeping their natural Shine. To implement this method, you need to buy the cosmetic paraffin.

Different from the usual baths fact that there was more attention paid to it to the nail and not the skin on the hands. We can say that this is the manicure in the full sense.

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Apart from paraffin-you’ll need all sorts of materials for nail art, accessories. So, let’s begin.

  1. Sew sand them into nails, give them a form, a pusher made of wood or metal will move the cuticle.
  2. We shall warm up in the paraffin bath to a temperature that will be comfortable for your hands.
  3. We shall fingers favorite nourishing cream. Particularly well promissionem nails, the skin around the cuticle. The cream should be rubbed completely.
  4. For about two seconds then lower the fingers in a solution of paraffin. And take them. The solution should cover the fingers of one third. Five or seven seconds omit fingers again. And so repeated three or four times.
  5. On your toes form a kind of cap made of solidified paraffin. This will moisturize the cuticle, feed her. Nutrients are activated under the influence of comfortable heat.
  6. After about six or eight minutes, armed with a dealer, you must remove the hardened wax with your fingers. And again slide the cuticle: now it is quite soft and its very easy to adjust. Even if earlier it was very dry and hard, she is going to give in without a problem.
  7. Start polishing. It is better to soak the nail cosmetic oil. It is better to use a chamois polisher. Immediately apply any nail coating is not necessary. The nail is very oily, and any layer of varnish or gel will not hold. Give nails a rest! But after about a day you can paint any colour layer. You can really use any decorative materials for nail art: traditional nail Polish, gel Polish, gel, shellac, manicure with rhinestones and even “fur”. All will hold long and perfect look, if your real nails strengthened properly.

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