косметика камниBeauty is often associated with nature, where the draw their strength many cosmetic products based on the action of plant components. But do not forget about another offshoot of nature – stones unexpected way too can become a service beauty, but many people forget or don’t know it. Cosmetics and stones – Union unusual, but steady and небесполезный.

Stones is not a soulless nature elements, fixed forms are not able to bring any benefit to a living organism. Women attending beauty salons, well aware of the effects of popular procedure stonetherapy. It is to impose a heated stones in specific points of the body, which causes activation of the work of organs and systems, there is a redistribution of disturbed flow of energy through the channels. All of this comes to us from the East medicine, where especially appreciated the effects of natural materials on the human body. In Ancient Egypt, where we came and basic information about the procedures and means of beauty, widely used precious and semiprecious stones for the manufacture of decorative cosmetics. This experience is successfully applied to this day, the producers of mineral makeup.


Mineral makeup – beauty of stone

косметика камниThe ancient Egyptians did not have the Arsenal of cosmetics, which is at the disposal of modern women, therefore, constantly looking for something that could make them beautiful, drawing inspiration from nature, rich paints. Erasing a fine powder of stones of different colors was the prerequisite to the development of all the makeup we enjoy today. Undoubted advantages of this stone cosmetics was low allergenicity and good skin compatibility, and still mineral makeup is in demand because of its natural origin and special care.

Minerals included in the composition of both caregivers and decorative cosmetics. High concentration of mineral substances in creams and masks for face happy to buy women with dry and dehydrated skin. Incredible demand toners with mineral content – creams and powder. The advantage of this cosmetics is low allergenicity, masking, and, at the same time, the gentle care of the skin, which can not provide the money without the content of minerals.

Cosmetics, mineral Foundation is the remedy for the owners problem skin that requires careful masking defects without oils, which can cause the development of микрообранизмов aggravation of Demodex, rosacea and other skin diseases. Girls with fat and combination skin can buy the whole line of cosmetics, mineral-based, not choosing between health and beauty of your skin. Unlike standard dry before applying the skin should be primer, mineral eye shadow or powder may be without him, without causing skin irritation. The most frequent stones in mineral cosmetics – amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline and diamond.


Girls best friend

косметика камниThe diamond or diamond dust often becomes the main active ingredient in mineral cosmetics. Its possibilities are manifold. In the structure of care creams and tonal resources diamond powder gives an exquisite natural glow. It proved to be excellent for holding salon procedures peeling, for example, many well-known microdermabrasion, which is held with participation of diamond crumbs. But the most useful application of diamond powder found in the part of anti-aging cosmetics. Scientists have proved its high efficiency anti-aging, so she becomes the basis for the whole «diamond series» cosmetics discharge anti-age.


The positive charge

Charge the water stones is not a whim and obscurantism, which came from the controversial nineties. Precious and semi-precious stones really have positive energy and proven properties for the maintenance and restoration of health and beauty. If you have a scattering of precious stones or one large decoration, can withstand it in the water, which is then used for washing. To do this, you can apply coral, sapphire, aquamarine, amethyst, diamond, quartz, amber, kunzite. Such washing refreshes the skin, gives positive emotions, improves mood, reduces tension.

Is there any woman, quite indifferent to the precious stones? Certainly they are quite a bit, and it means, that the stones will always give beautiful sex joy and pleasure, especially when you combine their usual work with cosmetic purpose.

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