косметика christina кристинаCosmetics “Christina” is a high performance series of tools aimed at solving a variety of problems, from acne to aging.


A series of Muse – rose petal perfection

A range of products from the Muse combines a scientifically based formula of the product with an amazing aroma and beneficial properties of rose. This series is aimed at the comprehensive strengthening of protective functions of the skin. Protective barrier of our skin with age loses force as soy, toxins, internal and external factors destroy the lipid balance of the skin and affect cell renewal. Dry skin that often accompanies aging skin is a sure sign of dysfunction of the skin barrier and perceptible loss of moisture. The result of applying the Muse will notice and you and the other people, the skin becomes smooth, soft and radiant.

The Muse series by Christina visibly reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin, giving it a fresher and youthful appearance, nourishes and moisturizes, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin.


Series Wish

Wish innovation complex for Mature skin. The combination of highly efficient ingredients allows you to run the mechanisms of anti-aging, improve skin texture and give it a glowing look. Money from the Wish used in reduced skin tone, slow metabolism, dull complexion, pigmentation irregularities and the effects of sunburn. The unique combination of biopeptides, antioxidants, whitening ingredients and nutrients are aimed at the renewal of tissues and the natural production of collagen, resulting in increased metabolism and immunity of the skin.

Professional the Wish, as well as products for home use from this series, aimed at the strengthening and stimulation of the natural abilities of the skin for regeneration and recovery, this makeup prevents the destruction of the collagen layer of cells, invisible eliminates infection and protects the skin from harmful UV rays, lightens and evens skin tone.


Complex Fluoroxygen+C

Fluoroxygen+C – series cosmetics multi-directional operation, in particular, this system solves the problem of pigmentation disorders and the effects of sunburn. The active components of funds from this line possess bleaching properties, but also regulate melanin production at the deeper cellular level.

In tandem with the means Fluoroxygen+C home use, salon-style complex provides long-term protection of the skin from biological and environmental causes of pigmentation disorders. In addition to whitening effect this makeup moisturizes and nourishes the skin, stimulates oxygen saturation of the skin, has a mild exfoliating action and successfully fights the effects of photoaging, that is, the outer skin changes due to harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.


A set of tools Comodex

Comodex is a universal cosmetic for the treatment and prevention of acne, scars postpreview and solving problems specific for oily and combination skin. The combination of highly effective active ingredients is present in Comodex salon series and in the collection of funds for home use.

Comodex series is suitable when the active phase of acne, to improve oily and combination skin, regulating the production of sebum, the active compound in the composition of the cosmetics helps reduce the possibility of inflammation and further aggravation of acne and to clear the skin of comedones (blackheads) and prevent the formation of scars postpreview.


Professional series Rose de Mer

The formula of Rose de Mer consists of 100% natural ingredients. This salon peel contains an active combination of seaweed extracts, mineral salts, it allows you to gently but effectively exfoliate the top layer of skin, without injuring the skin. Rose de Mer suitable for people with any color and skin type. This tool is used at the first signs of aging, loss of skin elasticity, eliminate fine wrinkles, pore cleansing, as well as disorders of pigmentation and excessive dryness of the skin.

Carefully and gently lifting the top layer of the epidermis, Rose de Mer gently removes dead skin layer of cells. After this peeling the skin more effectively restores the level of hydration, stimulates the natural production of collagen and restore the structure of the epidermis. This exfoliation from Christina provides the optimal training time perception of nutrients and active ingredients, this tool can be used as a complement to other professional cosmetic proceduresaimed at treatment of acute acne and minimize age-related changes.

Rose de Mer depending on the condition of the skin can be used as a deep or light exfoliation, while the depth of impact this tool can be controlled.


Anti-aging complex Forever Young

The action of the Forever Young series is aimed at protecting the internal structures of the skin and correction of the external signs of skin aging. Formula consisting of a unique combination of biopeptides, plant extracts and antioxidants, stimulates the skin regeneration at the cellular level, after application of Young Forever the tone and texture of the skin is aligned, the skin becomes more elastic and hydrated. The impact of this series can be evaluated almost immediately, and the result is stored for a long time. Funds from this series successfully fighting both with visible and with almost invisible signs of aging.


Amazing Perfect Pigment

Perfect Pigment is a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of makeup, this product can replace almost all the contents of your cosmetic bag. Perfect Pigment gives the skin an amazing glow, seductive and fresh, this tool successfully performs the functions of makeup base, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow and highlighter. Natural skin tone is uneven color, it’s a mixture of hundreds of pigments, of which eventually formed the complexion. With the help of technology called “Advanced Color Reduction Technology” in the lab Christina these hundreds of pigments reduced to four main pigments that have entered into a compact package “Perfect Pigments”. The combination of four pigments are chosen in accordance with skin tone, “Perfect Pigments” adapts to natural skin tone, perfectly masking the faults and giving the face a fresh and healthy appearance.

Christina cosmetics offers high quality cosmetics for professional and home use, these tools will help you to maintain youth and health of skin, forget about the acne, pigment spots and make wrinkles less noticeable.

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