косметика для новорожденныхA newborn baby is a delicate creature, weak and very vulnerable. In the first months of life the baby needs especially delicate care. Therefore, in this period it is impossible to care for the child’s skin by using ordinary cosmetic products – required special cosmetics for babies, designed for the care of the most sensitive and delicate skin.


Baby needs

The newborn skin needs moisture, nourishment and protection. Constant contact with the natural secretions causes irritation of the skin, and therefore, can not do baby without healing and anti-inflammatory agents.

Requirements for children’s cosmetics and cosmetics for babies in particular most stringent. Since the sensitive skin of babies are prone to allergic reactions, cosmetics for younger must be hypoallergenic. Thus, the composition of cosmetic products should be as natural, preservatives, stabilizers, dyes or chemical fragrances in such creams should be as small as possible. In cosmetic products for babies are often added extracts of medicinal plants and herbs, usually with a soothing, anti-inflammatory action.

The correct choice of cosmetics for babies will avoid many dermatological problems that are typical for infants. This is a diaper, diaper rash, diaper dermatitis, and various skin rashes. Cosmetics on the skin creates a protective film that is impermeable to bacteria, protect your baby from the inflammation and irritation.


Kinds of cosmetics

Modern parents, forgetting old prejudices, try to prepare in advance “dowry” for the baby. Even during pregnancy buy Cribs and strollers, diapers and clothes for the baby. Not worth it in preparation for the birth of a new family member to forget about special cosmetic act for him. Some of them need little in the first days of life, so you need to have everything at hand.

What cosmetics needs infant? Be sure to stock up on a small set of cosmetics for all occasions:

  • Baby oil for massage and gentle cleansing of the skin and crusts on the scalp;
  • Means for swimming. Soap, even children – not the best choice. For bathing newborns are recommended funds with a neutral pH – they don’t dry the skin, even such soft as a babies. The composition of such agents include emollients and anti-inflammatory components;
  • Baby nappy cream is absolutely indispensable thing. Even if very often to change a diaper newborn, still there is a risk that the allocation will be taken to the baby’s delicate skin and cause irritation. The use of special protective cream helps to avoid such troubles: cream creates on the skin thin film, and the allocation of the baby can cause irritation;
  • Moisturizing baby cream. Universal tool that is applied to the skin after a shower or during the day, for example, if the air in the house is too dry;
  • Shampoo for infants. This product gently cleanses fine baby hair and does not cause irritation of the mucous. At the children’s shampoo must be marked “without tears”, or shampooing will become unpleasant and frightening procedure for the child;
  • Wet wipes – indispensable tool without which it is almost impossible to do modern parents. Wet wipes are needed, both at home and on the walk, it is better to make the supply more;
  • The powder. Used as a prophylactic agent against diaper rash. Gently absorbs excess moisture. According to some pediatricians, absolutely necessary, other doctors believe that without powder can be dispensed;
  • Baby soap can be used if necessary for bathing baby or for washing baby clothes;
  • The cream from the weather come in handy on trips. Typically, pediatricians do not recommend walking with a newborn in the bitter cold or the wind, but if the walk is still held, the exposed parts of the face of the baby need extra protection. During Sunny weather should be concerned about protecting baby from the sun with the help of special tools for baby’s delicate skin.


Rules for the selection and application of cosmetics

All funds for children should have a neutral pH and can be hypoallergenic. Better if the composition tools will include a minimum amount of artificial ingredients. Gels toxic hues and with a strong appetizing smells best left for kids older for newborn most important security tools. At the same time, natural shampoo or soap does not mean that the tool cannot cause allergies: individual intolerance to any ingredient. Therefore, new tools should always be used with caution, and if the baby skin to appear rash or inflammation, to abandon this cosmetics.

Do not try to use to care for infant skin parental means. The skin of newborns is quite markedly different in structure from the skin of adults: it is more subtle, more delicate, more vulnerable. Therefore, instead of the expected benefit cosmetics intended for older children, can bring only harm.

You should avoid products containing alcohol is a substance can cause skin burns in young children. For this reason, cannot be used for skin care of infants conventional wet wipes – only special, of soft material, alcohol and saturated hydrating ingredients.

Bathing facilities do not need to use every day: it is enough to wash your hair with shampoo once a week and bath to apply every three days. The rest of the time it is better to add in the bath decoctions of medicinal herbs, for example, succession and chamomile. These plants soothe the skin and improve its condition.

It is advisable to buy cosmetics for skin care from the same manufacturer. This reduces the possibility of allergic reaction in the interaction of different funds.

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