In a huge variety of cosmetics and nail care quite easy to get lost. There is a logical question – is it true these tools effective? In order to determine what you need and what you can do you need to understand the condition of nails, what they need to heal and protect.
Косметические средства для красоты ногтей1
Women’s fragrances are so diverse that you can choose any funds to your taste and according to their financial capabilities. Usually consisting of a standard set for manicure have such funds:

- Basis, preferably with therapeutic effect. If exfoliate nails, then suitable basis with wheat protein, or c, magnesium, iron and Teflon, also helps base, hold the water. Besides the strengthening of nails she makes the nail plate more exactly, as a result Lac lies more beautiful than without it;

- A means to soften the cuticles, it would be good if it contains essential oils, softening the skin around the nail and has a therapeutic effect;
Lac can be quick-drying or to dry for a long time, but at the same time and stay longer;

- The fixer, allows not only to keep varnish coating intact, but also enriches its color and gives a Shine, and if it has a drying effect, and accelerates the drying of varnish;
Косметические средства для красоты ногтей3
– Liquid varnish remover, with acetone or not. Liquid containing acetone, adversely affects the nails, drying them, but it has its advantages: lacquer quickly removed and better kept on nails, as acetone degreases the nail plate before applying a new layer of varnish;

- Other care products that help to strengthen nails, get rid of separation, to give them strength and healthy Shine – cosmetic oils to strengthen nails, biomask, which protects from ultraviolet rays and aggressive substances and others.

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