косметика для детейThe condition of human skin depends on many different factors, including age. A baby’s skin is considered to be the ideal toward which we are striving for all that came out of childhood – soft, velvety, fresh. To take care of such skin should be special: a special beauty for children and respect.


Features baby skin

To understand what should be the children’s cosmetics, it is necessary to imagine what the baby’s skin differs from adult skin:

  • Children’s skin is very thin protective layer and at the same time contains more moisture. Due to the small thickness of the skin moisture evaporates quickly, especially at high dry air, the skin is easy to dry;
  • In children, the layer connecting the lower and upper skin layers (dermis and epidermis), are still underdeveloped, so the skin needs special protection. Those substances that are found in washing powders and adult hygiene productscan easily go through baby’s skin;
  • In children is highly developed network of subcutaneous capillaries. This allows the child to breathe all over the skin, but also gives access to infections because of any damage;
  • The younger the child, the less developed its sweat glands, heat exchange takes place only through the lungs, so overheating or excessive dryness and displayed on the condition of the delicate skin;
  • The skin of very young children are often exposed to urine and feces that always has an irritating effect.

This is far from a complete list of the differences in children’s skin from adult enough to understand that even for the healthiest baby skin care is necessary, and a means for adults to children are not suitable and harm. Only 10-15 years the baby’s skin will be on the structure is approximately the same as in adults. And after that only can be used for skin-care children’s and teen line of cosmetics.


How not to hurt?

Types a variety of children’s cosmetics: creams, and Soaps, and shampoos, and toothpaste. They have different purposes, but one rule of selection of children’s cosmetics remains the same: all funds for children should not contain laurilsulfate, parabens, triclosan, abrasive components, synthetic dyes and artificial flavors.

Dangerous for children are considered as substances made from petroleum – based paraffin, petrolatum, petrolatum, Berezin. Better if for the manufacture of children’s cosmetics are applied ingredients of plant origin. For example, oils of coconut, olive, cotton, sunflower, peach, rose. Also useful for children’s skin extracts and extracts of plants: chamomile, rose hips, Bur marigold, aloe Vera, yarrow, calendula, oats. Very useful application of beeswax, lanolin. Rare, but there are tools with the addition of mink oil.

Especially need to carefully approach the choice of cosmetics for children with allergies. In this case, you need to select only Allergy-free funds without potentially harmful additives.


Cream, milk, oil

The beauty industry offers huge, so get confused when choosing cosmetics easy. One caption “Baby lotion” on the package is not enough to get an agent. To clarify, this moisturizing cream, anti-inflammatory or protective, and which active substances are included in its composition.

  • Moisturizing cream or lotion are mainly used after bathing. In no event it is impossible to put on dirty skin. It is undesirable to use moisturizers and inflamed skin – in this situation, you want a healing cream.
  • Oil covers the baby’s skin with a protective film and interfere with breathing. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply oil all over the skin of children, especially small children. The oil is best used before bathing to clean wrinkles on the skin.
  • Disinfectant creams “know how” to heal, to relieve irritation associated with diaper rash, pachnicke, small damage. Good facilities, which include zinc and vitamin F – they are slightly dry skin and eliminate inflammation.
  • Sunscreen should be applied before application of the diaper. Older children protective creams come in handy for a walk: a thick layer of cream will protect the skin from the cold wind and frost.


Soap and shampoo

Soap for children may contain moisturizing ingredients, for example, extracts of chamomile or aloe; emollients (lanolin, vegetable oil, boric acid) and nutrient (wax, honey). The form of release can vary: for children as for adults, release the liquid, solid and creamy soap.

Liquid and creamy soap is best suited to care for the delicate skin because they contain less aggressive substances than solid varieties. Soap with disinfectant effect – the perfect weapon in the fight against germs and bacteria, but better to use it only when necessary – for example, after a walk or if heavily soiled hands.

The shampoos are used all of the same requirements as for all kinds of children’s cosmetics, with one significant addition: they must contain substances that prevent eye irritation. The content of chemical substances should be minimized, because children like to try delicious smelling shampoos taste.



Oral hygiene is very important for the child. To teach a child to brush their teeth is necessary since two years. Apply the paste for adults absolutely impossible.

First, as contained in their ingredients children do not need. Secondly, children need special tools designed to care for baby teeth. And thirdly, children do not know how to thoroughly rinse the mouth, and pasta so they often just swallow them – therefore, special children’s funds should be suitable for this. It is important to choose the favourite and the taste of the toothpaste, because if he’s the child does not like, brushing your teeth will turn to him in an unpleasant procedure.

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