косметика для беременныхFortunately, depart in the past the days when the ladies in the position recommended to sit still and think about the upcoming birth. There are still women, mainly in the Russian cities, which to this day believe that pregnancy is a heavy cross, to use cosmetics all these months, sinful and dangerous. The modern market of shop offers a huge selection of products, and cosmetics for pregnant pays great attention to the condition of the skin, prone to stretch marks and loss of elasticity.


This shift of focus

A pregnant woman is prone to the manifestation of anxiety over the health of your unborn child, and that’s fine. This anxiety is manifested and, if necessary, choose makeup, both daily makeup and skin care, for example, face, and acquisition of specialized funds for future mothers. Any cosmetics for pregnant women should be harmless, hypoallergenic, because in this period women have exacerbated the feelings and changing habits.

This is largely due to the restructuring of hormonal background, that for some almost invisible, and do not show a change of preferences, tastes and fragrances, and in others it is more pronounced. For example, you may experience a sharp rejection of the previously favorite moisturizer for the person because of his smell. But it can be improved, because the next nine months, you can update beautician. Another point is the acquisition of preventive care remedies that do not allow your skin permanently deformed, and also special preparations preparing the skin for childbirth.


Means against stretch marks is a major concern

косметика для беременныхDuring pregnancy there is a gradual stretching of the abdominal skin under the influence of an oppressive to her fetus. If the skin is not naturally is characterized by flexibility, it is dry or if the mother is in the age category after thirty, can produce ugly stretch marks that after the birth hard to remove. To avoid them, the skin you need to prepare for the planned extension, which is possible if regularly rubbed the belly cream and butter for stretch marks.

These tools stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers, strengthening them and not allowing them breaking, leaving an ugly stretch marks. Emollient additives, moisturizing, nutrients and vitamins fortifying the skin and maintain it in good shape, confronting the sagging. Funds from stretch marks are available as creams, masks, serums deep penetration. There are means of universal, for the skin of the abdomen, Breasts, thighs, and buttocks, but better to look for good line with the targeted influence of each zone. It is known that the skin of the breast is more delicate and requires more careful action, the skin of the abdomen during pregnancy is experiencing the most serious load, and the leather hips most dense and elastic. Means for the prevention of stretch marks are applied twice a day, morning and evening. Application of creams for stretch marks is good to combine with soft peeling.


Funds from cellulite

Congestion delay fluid in the body are typical for pregnancy. In the last months many women find themselves cellulite on the thighs, from which they can’t wait to get rid of. Pregnant women can safely use the means against cellulite conventional cosmetic lines, choosing a makeup without fragrances and colours, combining the application of the cream with a light massage effect special brush with the «fingers».


Cosmetics for breast

For the chest is necessary not only cosmetics from stretch marks. During pregnancy, the Breasts are not only increasing in volume, can itching nipples in addition, the skin needs in preparation for lactation. Nipple issued special soothing creams that are absolutely harmless to mother and child. In the last month of pregnancy, all the region of mammary glands can be applied cream for increase of elasticity and elasticity of the skin, which prevents the occurrence of cracks during feeding.


Cosmetics for feet

Water retention puffiness and, as a consequence, heaviness in the legs eternal companions of women in the position. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is natural because, due to the increasing load on the spine, and total deliverance from pain and swelling can be only after delivery. But help feet you can try the regular use of this cream, for example, the cooling effect.

Cosmetics for pregnant women available and harmless, she needs to start using it as soon as possible to avoid the unpleasant cosmetic implications that are leaving this state. A lot of brands offers specialized line for pregnant women, among the best-known and established: Weleda, Guam, Lavera, Bubchen, Mamma Donna Chicco, Sanosan, «Our mother».

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