косметика для проблемной кожиAdolescence brings with it many experiences, one of which is problematic skin. Taking care of her and attempts to get rid of the rash, the Shine, the sensation of itching and permanent redness seem to be going in circles. But are successfully solved by means of the selection of the adapted care – help finding the right cosmetics for skin. Ideally, it should appoint a dermatologist, a campaign which should not be delayed.


A common problem

Acne affects up to 80% of people in adolescence. The severity and consequences for skin later in life depend on the characteristics of the skin and the whole organism, and from the use of cosmetics (or ignore). Cosmetics for skin is the essence of beauty and skin health in adolescence, for both girls and boys. Misunderstanding of the mechanism of formation of acne and the use of improper cosmetics leads to a longer duration of the disease (acne – this is a skin disease), scarring, which dispose to more radical methods of the week application of usual cosmetics.


Especially problematic skin

косметика для проблемной кожиEveryone remembers the firm postulate, the remaining succeeding generations from the earliest times: cleanliness is the guarantee of health. If Mature skin needs moisture to the important problem first of all purity, the achievement and maintenance of which in severe cases it may be a real challenge. In adolescence due to hormonal changes of the organism begins intense work of the sebaceous glands. If allocated fat in time persists, it leads to clogged pores and characteristic fat Shine on his face. Next, if you miss the beginning of the period begins accumulation of different factors combine to make the skin problem.

On its surface’s fat, which is mixed with the dead particles that trigger the formation of traffic jams in the pores. Blockage leads to the formation of comedones (ERP-bumps with окислившимися black button) and nodes with stranded inside purulent secretion. At this stage, facial skin cannot breathe normally, attempts to open harassing pimples lead to the spread of infection. Task number one is to visit a dermatologist, who sterile instruments will save a person from contamination. Task number two is to acquire a range of cosmetics for skin, which can maintain the cleanliness of the skin, preventing the flowering of acne.


The main characteristics of cosmetics to solve the skin problems

Cosmetics for skin problem is not one cream or refreshing tonic, and the whole complex, which must purchase for a phased care for her. The person needs regular cleansing, moisturizing, disinfection, matting – all these steps should instruct the different means.

  • Cleansing is a major milestone. Troubled skin needs to be cleansed of greasy film and from the accumulating on the surface dead skin particles, comedones, sebaceous plugs. The first easy – soft gel or cream gel, foam without content of alcohol, but with the softening and caring components of plant origin, antiseptic additives provide gentle cleansing. More deeply cleanse the skin delicate peelings. If the skin has inflamed acne you can use a soft abrasive эксфолиантами, if eats pustular education and the skin is irritated, it is better to use бережными гоммажами, compositions based upon Aha or BHA acids, dissolving the elements омертвевшего the stratum corneum. Make – up remover mandatory evening stage, with decorative cosmetics on her face to go to bed is unacceptable, especially when problem skin.
  • Refreshment and matting. Oiliness of the skin неэстетичной the view, therefore, it is important to apply makeup, which effectively eliminates Shine, inhibits the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands of the skin, leaving a pleasant Matt. After washing, you can use tonics without alcohol, which not only refresh the skin, but витаминизируют her, giving energy and healthy, silky Shine. To help the skin stay matte all day, you need to find skin care cream with matting effect. Toners of decorative cosmetics must be free from grease, it is better to choose the texture of the fluids without oils, but enough pigmented to ensure proper disguise imperfections.
  • Hydration and treatment. It is necessary to humidify any skin, even a problem with acne. Young people who desiccate the skin, trying to get rid of the ill-fated acne, get more and more frustrated with rosacea and desquamation. Day moisturizing cream for problem skin should be strictly adapted, containing a complex of useful substances, aimed at improvement of the skin. Such means may differ high price, but they are worth it to spend money on them. Today’s brand-manufacturers lines for problem skin connect in tools like many functions, thanks to which these creams play a role not only humidifiers and «ambulance» for the skin. They are excellent primers (databases) under the cosmetics, which on a problem skin cannot be applied without basis.


Cosmetics line for problem skin

Cosmetics for skin with acne should look for in pharmacy lines. Note the line Normaderm from Vichy, Effaclar from La Roche-Posay, Clean-Ac from’avene, Sebium from Bioderma. The proven line Proactiv Solution, the legendary three-tiered system of care from Clinique, professional line of oxygen cosmetics Ogygen, therapeutic Israeli cosmetics Sea of Spa, line Comodex brand Christina, series for problem skin from brands of vegetable cosmetics Green Mama and Himalaya Herbals.

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