косметика для солярияLovely Golden tan on the skin – unsafe pleasure. Doctors attribute the spread of malignant tumors of the skin with the fashion of the sun, or rather, with the fashion for the Solarium. And only special cosmetics for tanning can reduce the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation on the skin and make safe tan all year round.


Artificial sun: what is the danger?

Golden skin tone not just attractive looks. This is an integral part of a well-groomed woman who can afford to bask in the sun all year round. Sunroom has allowed many women to fulfill a cherished dream to be no worse than movie stars. Whereas for a long time the tanning was considered perfectly safe, unlike ordinary sun tanning, and even useful.

Over time, doctors have become more and more insistently to dissuade those who like to “fry” in the Solarium from this procedure. There is evidence that with the emergence of the fashion of the sun dramatically increased the incidence of melanoma is a very dangerous kind of skin cancer. In addition, it is proven that UV rays contribute to skin aging: fans of the Solarium usually look older than their years.

Doctors recommend to opt out of the sun – natural or artificial. But most girls want to look attractive that they are willing to take risks. In this case, you should at least try to make the risk as small as possible. This means, sunbathing seldom, sunbathing in a short time and be sure to use the cream for tanning. But if there are serious contraindications, such as diabetes, breast cancer, some skin diseases, from Solarium still have to refuse.


Creams for Solarium

кремы для солярияForums dedicated to cosmetics, you can often find the advice not to use special creams for sunburn, sunburn “stuck” faster. It is not so: modern creams just accelerate the tanning of.

The main task for tanning creams to protect the skin from dangerous UV rays. Beauty products help to minimize the risk and prevent premature skin aging and the development of malignant tumors.

As a nice bonus creams allow you to obtain a particularly beautiful, even tan without patches. Means for tanning moisturize the skin, nourish the skin and keep it smooth, soft and supple.

Modern tools for tanning enriched with special additives: chemicals, extenders and activators. Developers are particularly recommended for the first sessions of tanning: they stimulate the production of melanin and increase the susceptibility of the skin.

The extenders (fixers) make the sun more sustainable, extend it. The composition of these funds is usually a large number of moisturizing ingredients that help prevent premature exfoliation of cells and maintain beautiful skin tone. Activators is autobronzant, i.e. substances which, even without UV irradiation to give the skin a nice Golden hue.

Some creams are also microblade, giving the skin an iridescent shimmer. Body after using this cream looks smooth, well-groomed and sleek. Some tools allow you to achieve two goals at once – tan and lose weight. There are substances which, under the influence of ultraviolet rays stimulate fat burning. Of course, you should not expect from such slimming creams several sizes, but to get rid of a few extra inches, or from the appearance of cellulite they can help.


Important components

In the means for safe tanning, in addition to UV-filters typically includes components such as:

  • Vitamins-antioxidantsthat reduce the harmful effects of tanning on the skin;
  • Plant extracts and oils, for example, aloe Vera extract (provides hydration) and coconut oil;
  • Moisturizing ingredients;
  • The tingle is a special cosmetic complexes designed to speed up the process of getting a tan. The use of means with tingle is accompanied by reddening of the skin may feel a slight stinging sensation. This improves the circulation in the upper layers of the epidermis, the skin becomes more susceptible to sunburn;
  • The bronzer – funds quickly giving the skin a tan. Typically, the bronzer is made from henna or walnut extract – these substances for several hours to give the skin a nice Golden tone. Thus, tan (albeit artificial) appears after the first visit to the Solarium;
  • Soothing skin components;
  • Anti-aging ingredients;
  • Vegetation complexes to preserve the elasticity of the skin;
  • Tyrosine – an amino acid that stimulates the production of melanin.


Rules of application

There are simple rules fake tan that will protect the skin. Before going to the Solarium to take a shower and use an exfoliating body: tan lie flatter.

Immediately prior to tanning on the body is necessary to apply professional cosmetics for tanning. Regular sunblock will not work – the necessary funds for “artificial sun”. Save creams are not necessary: they must apply all over the body and face an even layer.

Since modern fake tan is almost always contain autobronzant, after applying the cream, wash your hands, otherwise the palm can be painted in a reddish-brown tint in a couple of hours.

After tanning should take a shower with a moisturizing gel and apply a skin moisturizer to secure the tan. Such means may also contain in its composition autobronzant, so you must let it fully absorb before dressing.

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