косметика подарокChoose gifts is not easy, and most of all it concerns the gifts, which should be selected taking into account all the individual characteristics of the person to whom it is intended. For women cosmetics is a gift that will never be superfluous, but even if you are going to buy something for a loved one, mother, sister, or best friend, there is always the danger of making mistakes. Of course, to err is very disappointing, especially if the gift is worth a lot of money. Besides, you never want to what was chosen for one person, was peredaren another, because it didn’t fit. It happens often, but the giver can follow a few simple rules that will help make the right gift.


What to give is not worth it

косметика подарокThere are a number of cosmetic products that give not worth almost never. There are rare exceptions when you know the taste and characteristics of the skin, but the risk is not to please very high. It is no secret that women of any age are sometimes difficult to independently choose for themselves the liquid Foundation, powder and a shade of lipstick that would meet all expectations and the degree of masking and tone, and more caring properties. Most likely you have encountered this problem. Now imagine that this means that you are the most difficult to find, presents another man – of course, the probability that it falls in the desired shade, very small. So leave the meal of choice toners and lipstick on the mind and conscience of whoever they might be, and consider safer options.

Don’t give a bag of aromatic series at random. Body lotions, shower gels with specific aromas things is also very individual taste. You should never rely on their own preferences regarding certain textures and flavors, no matter how wonderful they may seem. The other person on the sharp scent allergies may occur and aroma may simply not like it, and then cosmetics will peredaren or discarded.

Caring cosmetics, the more special, as it is better not to give – it is a matter of private choice. Moreover, we should not give the anti-age products – it’s just bad form.


The safe choice

When it comes to cosmetics as a gift, the risk of mistakes is always there, and to avoid it, we need to focus on a neutral means of high quality.



косметика подарокMascara to give you, if you know that people use it, and know what color he prefers. Choose ink respected brands that is not rolled into balls. It is better to take the classic versions brushes, because of the innovative version with spherical or other original brush can be too extravagant. Good mascara luxury brand, hypoallergenic and with good prokrashivania and Curling properties, which makes it look expressive – this is a good gift that will not be superfluous in the bag.


Lip gloss

косметика подарокLip gloss should be given only if you know exactly what this cosmetic woman enjoys. It is better to choose a very neutral color shades, then again, if you know that this is not new for that which you intend to make a gift.

To keep the course again, only the famous brand, not cheap mass-market, which guarantees the quality of the product for its price. Before buying, highly recommended to read reviews on glitter on the Internet, paying attention to the texture is sticky if it is, how long it remains on the lips, not drying.

Avoid bright colors, stick to soft natural range from colorless and light beige to naturally pink or soft coral, depending on what colors is the girl. If you have a budget, the best option is a set of several glosses, which includes 3-4 shades.


Cosmetic set

косметика подарокMany cosmetic companies produce kits that include bathroom amenities, among which may be shower gel, soap, body cream, body scrub, tools for hands and feet, as well as accessories for cosmetic procedures. If the person you are going to make a gift is really close to you (otherwise this gift too intimate), then you can purchase such a list.

Try to pay attention to the sets with a thin neutral flavors, but without the sharp fragrance. It is useful to know what scents he prefers people to adhere to the framework of acceptable and pleasing gift.

If you know that your girlfriend, mother or colleague crazy about any particular smell, for example, subtle lavender scent, tart musk, classic roses or a refreshing watermelon, you can focus on this fragrance in cosmetic set.

Can also purchase interesting handmade soap.

If you are plagued by doubts when choosing cosmetics, never mind. You can always buy a gift certificate at one time or another cosmetic boutique, where you dear people will be able to choose what he likes. He will not be able to make a mistake and will be grateful to you.

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