косметика кораCosmetic the Bark is a light and soft texture, pleasant, unobtrusive scent and the formula is 99% composed of organic components. Those who use the KORA, argue that replacing funds from KORA to something else, you’ll immediately feel the difference, and she is not in favor of your new tool.

The products of organic origin and means, made on the basis of organic and natural raw materials, are becoming more popular. Organic cosmetics says a lot, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but its effectiveness and safety, as a rule, no doubt, especially if we talk about quality the famous brands.


Products KORA

KORA Organics offers fans an organic and high quality beauty products truly effective means to care for face and body. KORA gives the skin an amazing sensation of freshness, it hydrates and renews, as a result, we get a beautiful, radiant health and youthful skin. Most likely, you will not notice the eye-popping result after the first application, but give KORA a chance, and very soon you will not only feel, but see in the mirror changed.

Cosmetics KORA – not cheap, but those who are not used to save on health and beauty, will appreciate the value and quality.


Foam Cleanser

средства кораFoam Cleanser – this tool is suitable even for people with inflamed and problematic skin. A short time after the beginning of application your skin will feel much better. Extracts of aloe Vera, green tea and sandalwood protect the skin from free radicals, give a sense of purity, freshness and energy. Very mild formula does not foam as you would expect based on the name of the product, the tool as it slides over the skin, effectively eliminating dust and different kinds of pollution accumulated during the day. Do not be afraid of the lack of fluffy foam, this cleanser can do its work on five and without this “cheap” effect.

Foam Cleanser perfectly removes makeup, leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and pleasant aroma. The only drawback of this product in a slightly watery texture, so be careful not to put pressure on the tube not to use the funds more than is required.


Soothing Day and Night Cream

because of its light texture, the cream Soothing Day and Night very easy to apply, leaving your face feeling heavy and greasy. It can be used as a moisturizer under makeup, however, if you often and in large quantities are in the sun, this cream is best to use at night, as it does not contain sun protection factor.

Soothing Day and Night Cream is suitable even to owners of oily skinin need of care will be sufficient, apply a thin layer of cream. And another bonus from KORA – unique light fragrance.


Enriched Body Lotion

Enriched Body Lotion – this body lotion is very good and is quickly absorbed without leaving the skin feeling greasy or excessive moisture. Herbal aroma, not strong, but noticeable enough, the fans will appreciate the herbal notes. If you are confused by the quite high price you have to pay for this milk, know that it is consumed very sparingly and will last you for a long time. So, this can even save you.


Energising Citrus Mist

продукция KORAAmazing combination of bergamot, orange, Mandarin, sandalwood trees and Noni extract (the Morinda citrifolia) in the medium Energising Citrus Mist gives the skin a gorgeous fresh aroma, gentle and soft. For those who like citrus fragrances, you will definitely enjoy this spray. Despite the light scent, three “of nothing” would be sufficient.


Purifying Day and Night Cream

Natural ingredients light cream Purifying Day and Night not only moisturize the skin but also control excessive sebum production. Grapefruit, Mandarin, green tea in combination with a complex of vitamins A, C and E – the perfect organic cocktail for oily skin. In addition Remus are known for its properties antioxidants and organic licorice extract of the Morinda citrifolia. A small package of cream will last a long time, remedy, sparingly, to be effective on the skin, a small quantity of cream the size of a pea.

Purifying Day and Night Cream can be used as day cream and as night however during the day he is the best complement tool with sunscreen, because this cream is a factor missing.

Fans of organic cosmetics will definitely appreciate the products of KORA Organics. The company uses certified natural and organic ingredients, let the beauty of your skin KORA and you will not regret it.

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