косметика LumeneLumene is a high quality brand. It produces a wide range of products for skin care, particularly facial skin. Cosmetics Lumene is a serum, day and night creams, eye creams, scrubs and masks.


The Emergence Of Lumene

Company Lumene appeared in 1970 in the Arctic. In a short period of time Lumene is one of the first places among producers in the market of cosmetics in Finland.

One of the elements that made Lumene leading brand, this high-quality raw materials, namely wild berries of the Arctic. Currently, scientists combine laboratory studies and nature, combining natural materials with high tech in order to obtain the most revolutionary bioactive cosmetic.


Funds Lumene

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend a series of funds for special skin care. Your skin will become radiant and will receive the necessary nutrients. Main series Lumene: Bright Now Vitamin C, Excellent Future, Time Freeze, Complete Rewind, Sensitive Touch and Sensitive Touch SOS. In accordance with your needs, you can choose a hydrating, lightening treatments, anti-wrinkle, products for oily or combination skin, and so on.

In addition to care of skin Lumene company engaged in the production of high-quality decorative cosmetics, for example eye shadow, lipsticks, blush eyeshadow mainly in pastel colours. Decorative cosmetics brand Lumene guarantee you a natural makeup.

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