косметика NiveaCosmetics Nivea today known to all: the original packaging, in blue, is flooding the shelves of supermarkets, you can find probably in any home. Quality care using the Nivea products of the company without serious cost – optimal solution for practical women who do not want to spend too much money on cosmetics.


Long story

The founding year of the company shall be deemed 1882 – was then invented the band-aid and open firm, producing. But income this initiative has not brought, and after 8 years the company changed hands. From that moment began the history of the company’s success.

In 1911, went on sale the first Nivea cream. During its production it was used latest discovery in the field of cosmetology – emulsifier eucerit, allowing to combine with water-based oil. On the basis of such emulsions and was designed by the famous cream. He was somewhat different in composition from the modern version, and the jar looked different: it was yellow and with a vegetative ornament. The familiar white lettering on a blue background appeared later.


The secret of success

The key to the success of this brand has become a constant striving for improvement. Cosmetics Nivea, constantly changing, expanding its range of products, improving production technology. The price remains affordable.

крем NiveaIf you had previously used one cream for all occasions, now for each skin type there own kind of cream. The same applies to other products. Previously only had one bar of soap to wash yourself from head to toe. But now for each part of the body has its own means of taking into account all individual needs. Nivea also indulge all the whims and caprices of modern customers, expanding the entire product line and not stopping there. First, in addition to patches and a versatile cream appeared hair products. Then the range has expanded to include sun products, including those designed specifically for children. Later appeared the first body lotion (its basis was still the same eucerit), then the funds are specifically for men.

Today, the company offers customers a number of products for skin care face and body, shampoos, cleansers, deodorants, cosmetics for special children’s skin, sunscreens and lotions. Due to the large volume of production the company can afford to maintain affordable prices for the products, don’t skimp on quality. The company has subsidiaries in numerous countries throughout the world, and even in the most remote corners of the world, you can find the familiar bottle with a simple logo.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that Nivea is known and popular all over the world, marketers this company manages to do without aggressive advertising. Positioning the company as a family brand of cosmetics that accompanies their fans from the first days of life to old age, manufacturers are not limited to empty promises. Everyone can go to the nearest store to purchase any cosmetic product of Nivea, to ensure its quality and to make a choice.



косметика Nivea для лицаWith the help of Nivea cosmetics can make complex facial. The range of different facial cleanser designed for all skin types – from troubled youth to an aging. Gels for washing, cleansing scrubs, micellar water, creams, gels, plasters for the removal of comedones is the list of tools is impressive.

Tonics, means for removing makeup, as well as various creams allow to satisfy all needs of the skin regardless of its type. In addition to the familiar universal of the cream in the blue box today the company produces day and night creams for all skin types, and also means “special purpose” – from wrinkles, dryness of your skin from irritation.

Not left without attention areas that require especially gentle care. Thus, the company offers a number of tools for lips – from conventional lipsticks with a pleasant aroma to effective balms series “SOS”, is able in a few applications to regain softness, a weathered and cracked lips.


Body care and hair care

косметика Nivea для телаFor body Nivea offers a huge selection of shower gels with different flavors. Many gels are enriched with conditioning additives, softening the skin. The company also produces gels for intimate hygiene and various body creams.

Moisturizing lotions, nourishing oils, creams give the skin a pleasant shade of tan or to combat cellulite – range of products for body care are very high. Special attention is paid to the care of the skin of the hands and feet.

Shampoos and conditioners for all hair types from Nivea are great for the basic care of the hair. The manufacturer does not promise supernatural results, but for permanent use it is difficult to find a more reliable means.


Family brand

средства NiveaThe company Nivea cares for all is one of the secrets of brand success. And, of course, developers could not cosmetics to disregard the youngest of their consumers – children. For the youngest German company offers the safe, hypoallergenic and effective products with extracts of medicinal herbs.

Shampoo “without tears”, extracts bath containing no alkali, moisturizing creams and lotions, baby oil, barrier cream, powders – all of these products do not contain allergens, perfume fragrances, dyes and substances that can damage infant skin.

A large manufacturer and about men. Long gone are the days when men’s cosmetics differed from the women’s only fragrance. Today, funds intended for the representatives of the stronger sex, are constructed according to the features of men’s skin, and therefore are most effective. And although the male cosmetics market is traditionally smaller than the female, Nivea offers males money on all occasions.

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