Children’s spontaneity and sense of adventure always causes tenderness in adults. However, the real headache and trouble causes loving parents approaching holiday or celebration of the beloved child: a child is necessarily want to look better peers.
Костюм мечты: как не испортить праздник.1
Dress for girls usually straightforward and simple: implementation pink dreams of being a Princess, do not require parents to make significant financial investments and mental stress. With young men is all much more complicated: superheroes costumes – not only their cherished dream, but a necessary attribute of the new year masquerade. As not to upset your child and make the holiday memorable and vivid?

The most popular superhero costume couple of years ago was considered to be the image of Superman, but now the children a clear preference for halku, Iron man or Batman. Most importantly, make every effort to image was recognizable, and costume as thoroughly as possible was elaborated in detail. Necessary elements of service for clothing should be a mask or a helmet and, of course, the emblem of the superhero. To complete the image decide: do the makeup.

Pay attention to the small details of the costume: they are very significant and important for the perception of the image. Many heroes are characterized by presence of muscles, therefore, for the boys these images are preferred and desirable. Consider how to implement this idea: sham muscular torso should not stand out and attract attention and look ridiculous.
Костюм мечты: как не испортить праздник.
When choosing a new year costume not guided by their own preferences, or you may spoil the holiday for your child and rather delicate relationship instead get hysterical universal scale. First of all, the suit should be individual and bring the child to joy. You must take into consideration the wishes and personal preferences of his child. Decorate son bee or a bear is not necessary, if the child is already six months dreams about the costume spider-man.

Article publication date: November 26, 2013

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