Today there is a lot of beauty salons, where in addition to hair cutting, coloring, massage offers manicure and pedicure. The beauty of nail art has become an integral part of the lives of women like Facials or body. Manicure appeared in ancient China, so this procedure cannot be considered new. Distribution manicure received in France and in America. Max Factor can rightly be considered as the man who gave manicure special popularity, he claimed that the actress and the model is good-looking, and nails are no exception. To this day women try to give your nails the appeal. A follower of Max Factor is Charles Lansana who invented nail Polish.

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As the years passed, and skill manicure and pedicure developed. A huge number of colors in the palette is shocking in its diversity. If in the past women were chasing brightness and chic, now in fashion naturalness. But the cabins were not lost, on the contrary, they began to conform to the desires of the clients.

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Many not only want to have beautiful nails, but also to work as the master. To do this, and was created courses manicure in Moscow in the center of the “Leader”. The centre ensures the quality of training, of course, skill comes with experience, but only good training that helps. A good master with great experience will help beginners for the shortest time to learn the profession, but even at such a time, the quality is not reduced. In addition, after training at the centre “Leader” does not necessarily work in the salon, you can learn for myself.

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In Moscow, giant city, especially a lot of people willing to do a manicure and pedicure. Clients even when the competition has a lot of salons. There are many ways to do a manicure and pedicure, it all depends on the desires of the client. Training center “Leader” will help young and talented professionals will learn all of the most popular techniques. The profits from this work is very large, especially in Moscow. In smaller cities the potential clients of the salon is not much, but this is offset by low competition.

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Training in manicure and pedicure in the center of the “Leader” is always at the highest level. The wizard will help beginners get started in this profession and, subsequently, become skilled.

This profession will always be in demand and paid for, as women always want to look beautiful and impressive. And, manicure, this is the first thing women think about after hairstyles.

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