покрытие ногтей биогелемNail the Biogel is becoming more and more popular, but not everyone knows exactly what the specifics of the process of coating the nails with Biogel, what are its advantages and disadvantages, if any.


What is Biogel

The Biogel, as well as regular nail Polish, you can cover any type of nail plates. The consistency of the tests, as the name implies, is a gel-like substance, which does not contain any toxic components. This means that in the formula Biogel does not include acrylic, formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. Biogel performs a protective function, prevents delamination and breakage, makes the nails look healthy.


The Biogel coating

Before coating Biogel nails, the nail is exposed to light, gentle grinding. Before applying the gel apply no base coating, degreasing or correction of acid-base balance solutions.

Biogel applied directly to the natural nail as well as nail Polish, at the same time, bieleve floor not inhibiting movement of the nail, retains its natural flexibility and protects the nail plate from damage.

The procedure for coating nails with Biogel not accompanied by the release of toxic vapors and specific smells.

To consolidate the coating is UV light, Biogel completely dry in about two or three minutes. Colored varnishes containing no acetone can be applied directly on Biogel, as well as a French manicure or colorless coating. On the fingers, this coating will last without damage to four weeks, pedicure will please you more than eight weeks.


What are the benefits of Biogel over other coatings

The main advantage of Biogel lies in its complete harmlessness, Biogel does not change the structure of the nail, the lack of it consists of harsh chemicals ensures the health and beauty of natural nails.

Most gel coatings to enhance strength require pre-coating base, which in turn leads to dehydration of the nail plate. As a result of loss of natural moisture nails become weak, start to change color, exfoliate and crumble. In the majority gel coatings include acrylic, and the presence of this element significantly complicates the removal of gel nails. The unique formula of Biogel does not contain acrylic, and it allows you to preserve the beauty and health of the natural nail and at the same time to get all benefits of artificial turf.


Remove biogalenica nail coating

Remove Biogel does not require a lot of time for removal of Biogel you will need a special solution, which does not break and does not dehydrate the natural nail. Impregnated with this solution on a cotton swab, put on your nail, then wrap the tip of your finger with foil. After about 10 minutes the gel departs from the nail and can be easily removed. Under the nail, we find a beautiful and healthy natural nail. The removal procedure Biogel is better to trust the master of manicure, but this can be done at home.

  • Remove with Biogel nails should be in a well ventilated area. First of all remove with nail Polish color lacquer, you can use liquid nail Polish remover containing acetone.
  • Mix in a plastic or glass container equal parts acetone liquid varnish remover with 100% acetone, the Acetone can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  • Immerse your nails in the mixture for 15 minutes.
  • The blade of the nail set lift gel coating in the area of the nail bed. If the gel does not rise, soak nails in acetone for some time. Should not be forced to rip off the gel, too aggressive movement can damage the nail bed. After removal of the gel coat a layer of transparent nail strengthening varnish.

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