трещины в уголках губCracks in the corners of the lips have their own medical term for – cheilitis. Almost everyone sooner or later you’re going through that painful period, when the corners of the lips crack, peel, get wet, cause pain and discomfort when eating and talking. The makeup lip becomes impossible and even dangerous to apply, in addition to violations purely aesthetic component, cracked corners can become a gateway for infection, which will cause even more severe inflammation. This means that cracks cannot be seen as a trifle, not bearing any danger to health, they should be treated, but first is to determine the reasons for the development.

Cracks in the corners of the lips can look different. In some it may be an ordinary peeling, which gives little trouble, especially if it occurs in autumn and winter, when the skin is prone to dryness. Other cracks open, weeping, to the volume scaly and inflamed. They can occur independently as a consequence of irritation of the skin, again for different reasons, but may be due to internal disorders and serious chronic illness that must be treated in order to negate manifestations heylita.


Causes cracks in the corners of the lips

  • Dry skin, which is peculiar to it, in principle, by type, or caused by the onset of the autumn-winter period. If you have the habit of licking the lips on the street, it is not surprising that from time to time you will suffer from painful cracks.
  • The deficiency with deficiency of vitamins a, C, D, E, the b vitamins, especially vitamin B2. All these vitamins direct impact on the health and beauty of skin. Deficiency of essential skin vitamins may be associated with seasonal features (e.g., spring), and unhealthy diets and diets for weight loss.
  • Women who are drastically reducing in your diet content of oils or completely abandon them after a while noted skin dryness, irritation. Moreover, many vitamins (fat-soluble), absorbed by the body only in the presence of fats. The result is still sad – dry skin of face and body, but first and foremost, lips, where she by nature thin and sensitive, with the inevitable cracks and peeling in the corners.
  • Allergies and skin irritation. This reason is valid for women who are either expired cosmetics for lips, or means that their skin does not tolerate. Fashionable bright lipstick, varnish lip gloss cheap cosmetic lines with dense pigmentation and sharp fragrance, very often provoke irritation and cracks in the corners of the lips.
  • Do not skimp on cosmetics for lips, give up a penny of glosses and balms. If you are prone to allergies, choose a hypoallergenic nourishing products with therapeutic effect.
  • Fungal infection. Angola, angular stomatitis or angular cheilitis is a condition that is characterized by inflammation of the corners of the mouth that is dry, get wet, bleed and cause severe discomfort when speaking and eating. The causative agent of the disease is a fungal infection caused by yeast-like fungi. The causative agents of this disease are found in healthy people, but, as in many other cases, the pathology develops when related negative factors. Angular stomatitis may develop on the background of the lowered immunity, impaired hygiene, chapping of the lips and exposure to low temperatures. Flash angular stomatitis aggravated in the spring. Unlike simple skin irritation and dryness with cracks in the corners of the mouth, angelic contagious and is transmitted through kissing and sharing utensils, as well as any other fungal infection. Therefore, if you notice weeping sores in the corners of the mouth, see your doctor and start treatment immediately, so as not to spread the infection further.


Treatment of cracks in the corners of the lips

To cure the cracks in the corners of the lips, it will take time and patience, and, of course, the use of therapeutic agents.

First, the skin should be protected from further irritation, which will exacerbate the situation. During stop taking foods and drinks that can corrode the corners even more sour fruits, vegetables, berries. You should not burn the corners of the lips are very hot or very cold liquid that you drink. During treatment any impact on affected area should be reduced.

Improve oral hygiene, especially if you have a fungal infection. Not oblizyvala lips and do not touch them. At least twice a day, brush your teeth, protecting lips from infection.

To speed the healing of fractures, use locally ointments and creams with antibacterial and healing effect, many of which will be found in any home first aid kit. It tools such as Boro plus, Bepanthene, Lifeguard, Metrogylum, Syntomycin, Erythromycin. If the defeat of fungal origin, you need an antifungal ointment, such as lamisil.

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