крем депиляторDepilation became part of the lives of women and many men who care about their appearance and health of the body. Ways to remove unwanted vegetation so much that many sincerely surprised with the fact that there are still people who apply for these purposes cream depilatory. However, the demand for this tool is available, it continues to release. To use this tool, no need to have any skills to endure pain or embarrassment, which are characteristic of a waxing salon. But it has its drawbacks, which must be kept in mind before buying tools.


What is a depilatory cream

The depilatory cream is a cream that has in its composition of substances that attack the hair structure and lead to its dissolution. Many brands that produce these creams claim that the effect of smoothness after it is applied is saved to a few weeks, but this is nothing more than an advertising gimmick. The cream is applied on the skin and removes the hair, but only the visible part of it. The invisible part together with the root remains at the same place, and in a couple of days you will notice that the hairs grow back. Unpleasant smell cream La depilation give powerful chemicals that destroy the hair, bringing it to its full dissolution. Tillyaeva salt of sodium or of potassium is the main active substance in such media. Tillyaeva acid is in formulas, compositions for perms, which works on the same principle. During its impact, as with the use of special depilation cream inside the hair destroyed keratin regard that in the case of depilation leads to complete destruction.

Essentially cream depilatory in its action is similar to the work razor blades, with the only difference that after shave the hair usually grows hard and prone to ingrown. In addition, during shaving there is a risk of injury, which is not available when using depilatory creams.


Types of creams depilation

крем депиляторIn most cosmetic shops you will easily find the cream depilatory that can be designed for different areas of the body, which is easily explained by different degrees of thickness and density. So on the face hair is thin and easy to remove, feet, they are more rigid, and, finally, the hair in the bikini area in the armpits are distinguished by high charges. To remove them you want a highly concentrated structure, which is not in cream to remove hair from legs. For this reason, it is important to apply to each part of the body cream, designated for it, because each of them has a formula that is adapted to delete a specific hair type.

In the intimate area to use this method of hair removal is not desirable. First, the coat in this field can yield cream, secondly, the high risk of falling cream on the mucous that threatens to burn. You just imagine for a second, what can be the consequences after exposure to mucous cream, solvent thick pubic hair. Better to find effective means of hair removalthat will remove the hair without a trace and for a long period.

In recent years increasingly popular cream that removes the hair on your arms. They usually do this very effectively, but the hairs there’s a fine and rare.


Contraindications and precautions

Depilatory creams – caustic substance with a pronounced smell and aggressive chemical formula. Not worth the risk if you are allergic to, but if not, you should still be tested for allergies to the inner side of the elbow bend.

Do not use special depilation cream with thin dry skin, which, moreover, there is irritation, redness, rash.

You cannot do depilatory cream with birthmarks little moles or skin, which is open and still not healed wounds, cuts, pustular education.

Other contraindications to the use depilatory creams are: cancer, benign tumors, herpes, skin diseases in the active stage, and passive – cream may stimulate the immune system to the rejection of foreign irritating substances. During pregnancy is also reasonable to give up this type of hair removal.


Brands depilatory creams

Brands that are more common on the territory of Russia and post – Soviet space Byly and Veet also known brands such as Easy Depil and means Depil from brand White Line. Careful hair removal promises cream with bioextracto Eveline. Mark O3one Hair Remouver produces spray-depilatory creams.

When using any of these creams should carefully read the label and follow the specified method of applying the cream. Not less important and postdepositional care. The skin after hair removal rinse with water, and then to impose care after depilation. This can be a cream, lotion or milk that moisturize and nourish the parched skin, confronting rapid re-growth of new hair and growing.

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