крем для увеличения грудиEvery woman dreams of a beautiful chest, which has a tight elastic form. Bust need not be large, but it is desirable – a neat, without signs of sagging. Everyone knows the way to enlarge breast – go on plastic. Are there any alternative methods without operative intervention, for example, cosmetic product, which makes the bust more elaborate? Cream for breast augmentation long is not an invention, it is a real tool. It only remains to verify that it works and is worth the money.


Cheap tricks or real efficiency

Modern cosmetic market is no shortage of such a tool as a cream for breast augmentation. He has in a democratic brands and product lines representatives of elite cosmetics. These tools have as their fans, as a huge number of suspicious or disappointed consumers who these creams are not helped or their effect was not so, as promised by the manufacturer.

In fact, many women before to spend on the cream for breast augmentation premium quite a large sum, I want to understand a simple thing. If cosmetic way really to decrease and increase the breast, why queue in plastic surgery clinics do not decrease, and even young girls go under the knife, not a regular smear their forms cream?


The power of phytoestrogens

Firmness or softness of the chest during the monthly cycle in women depends on hormonal levels, which, as is known, is constantly changing. Reception of synthetic hormonal drugs for medical or other purposes often affects not the best way on the status of women’s health, which in medicinal substances, as in cosmetic products, manufacturers use plant analogs of female hormones – phytoestrogens. The properties of phytoestrogens underpin the actions of creams for breast augmentation. Marks, that release these funds represent women in complete safety of application of these creams.

In addition fitogormonov that naturally pushing the fabric of the mammary glands to the seal and development, in creams for breast augmentation includes moisturizing and nourishing substances, biologically active additives, which are also fighting for the elasticity of tissues. On the same principle, there is an increase in the density of the skin, for example, or the skin of the body, which is regularly applied firming and smoothing funds, including from cellulite.


Lifting and prevention of prolapse

If you look closely to what is written in creams for breast augmentation, many of you may notice the terms push up, lifting, well that explains how it operates cream. That is, increase bust not talking, the main effect of this tool – seal tissues, light liftingeffect and maintain good form without loss of skin elasticity.

Women who regularly use these cosmetic means, in a month or two after the start of use state that their Breasts firmer, disappeared looseness, which was characteristic of the same, the skin became smooth, shining, relief subsided. This effect is the place to be, but you should stop using the cream, as everything will return to their seats, elasticity will disappear, adipose tissue that fills the mammary gland, will again become loose and soft, the breast will still lose aesthetic appeal.

Conclusion one: creams for breast augmentation are mostly not able to make a significant contribution to improving the splendor of the bust, especially if he has already lost its shape long before applying the cream.

And ordinary women, and the salon professionals claim that to use this cream for maintaining the elasticity and shape of the breast, but in addition to cosmetics will need to observe some obligatory hygienic requirements. Including: regular cleaning, moisturizing and nutrition, correct posture, self-massage.


The most effective creams for breast augmentation

Creams for breast augmentation much, but on the market of the brand, which draw together the growing number of admirers. A few of them and they are widely known.

  • Very good reviews traditionally gathers cream for breast augmentation professional brand Guam. Italian cream Guam Perfect Shape includes patented biocomplex Gezhimu TM, which provides breast elasticity, smoothness, natural beauty and the correct path. Cream for breast augmentation Guam Volumizzante in addition biocomplex contains stem cells Eryngium maritimum, so is the active encouragement of fatty tissue of the breast, with a gradual increase of the volume. To achieve the effect of the cream should be used within two months, carefully wiping his bust in massage twice a day – morning and evening.
  • Cream Evinal works on the basis of placenta extract. It is non-greasy texture, quickly absorbed and is recommended for women who have a loss of elasticity and shape of the Breasts after pregnancy and as a result of age-related changes.
  • Cream for breast augmentation Collistar Push Up Bust Cream is based on the unique developed by the specialists of the laboratory brand biocomplex Lipo-Filler Complex. Extracts of herbal medicines, included in its composition, interact with adipocytes, causing an increase in the fatty tissue of the Breasts increase and compaction.

Using any of the creams for breast augmentation, one should not ignore the statement. Most of these cosmetic products should be applied, avoiding the nipples. You should not use such creams long time, as they work on the basis of cumulative effect. During pregnancy and lactation cream for breast enlargement surgery should not be used. If you have pathological changes in the breast, e.g., cysts, cancer tumor, or a predisposition to cancer, use of such drugs is not worth it. Health is more important in this case aesthetics.

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