крем для депиляции интимных зонGetting rid of hair in the bikini area are a real problem for many women. What only the methods girls use to give intimate area desired look, but the thin and sensitive skin in such places are not always positively reacts to different kinds of experiments. Cream for depilation of intimate zones – the most gentle option for removing unwanted hair.

Girls, deprived of complexes, boldly go for the procedure of hair removal in the bikini area wax, in principle, is one of the most optimal methods for depilation of intimate zones, but even the wax does not guarantee the absence of ingrown hairs or allergies. Hair in the bikini area can be shaved off and can be removed with a special cream. Shaving is not the best option, and we all know why, but the cream in this case is more preferable, especially if you know how to use them properly.


The principle of operation

Creams for hair removal in the bikini area, or creams – depilatories, destroy the hair shaft by chemical compounds entering into the composition of the cream, the presence of these rather aggressive components mainly due to the very specific smell of depilatory creams. For masking unpleasant odors modern depilatory creams are often complementary fragrances, but in most cases the smell is still there. Creams depilatories it is not recommended to use for hair removal deep bikini, and in any of the instructions following these recommendations, you will not find. Harsh chemicals included in the cream can cause burns and serious damage to the sensitive skin and mucous membranes.

Compared to other methods of waxing hair removal in the intimate area with the help of cream depilatory has a number of advantages:

  • The cream is less traumatic for the skin method than, say, shaving.
  • When done correctly, the hair removal procedure is quick and painless.
  • Creams – depilatories are inexpensive and sold in almost any cosmetic shop or pharmacy.
  • Waxing bikini area cream provides longer-term in comparison with shaving result. The hair shaft dissolves at the surface of the skin, while the skin is not black dots and cuts, but on the other hand, after hair removal with wax hair in the intimate area doesn’t grow much longer than after the cream.


Contraindications and risk factors

The safety and effectiveness of the cream depilatory depends on in what place you will be ispolzovatj, thickness of hair and thickness of hair. Before waxing you should test the cream on the subject of allergic reactions. To do this, a small amount of cream onto the skin on the inner side of the elbow bend and wait a while, then remove the cream. If the skin is reddened or have any discomfort, in any case, do not use this cream.

To avoid burns mucous apply the cream in depilatory directly on the genitals.


Useful tips

Before using the cream, the hair is better to cut with scissors, this will save the cream and significantly accelerate the hair removal process. Hair at the roots is much thicker than at the tip, so the main force of the cream should be focused on the roots and not on the narrow ends, which can just be cut.

The cream didn’t get on sensitive areas, hair removal cream is best done in comfortable underwear. Upon expiration of the allotted on hair removal time neatly remove the cream along with the dissolved hair with a special spatula, which is usually attached to the cream is the spot with the manual. After the initial removal, gently RUB the area of hair removal with a damp sponge or cloth. Washing away the remnants of cream under the shower, we increase the risk of falling cream on the mucous membranes of the genital organs, which can cause considerable pain and even burn.

Shower after depilation take can and should be, but before that the skin should be cleaned of hair and cream residues.

Don’t forget that the creams only dissolve the visible portion of the hair shaft, no way acting on the hair follicle, so do not try a large amount of cream to achieve maximum results, in this case this practice does not work.

Testing of the cream also can be done in the bikini area. Apply a little cream on a small patch of hair. Due to the strong chemical components, can be felt a slight burning sensation, and this is quite normal. After 5-8 minutes remove the cream with a soft damp towel, if the towel is warm. After a couple of hours to see the changes. If the skin is reddened and irritation, it is better to forget about the cream and bring the bikini area in the order any other way. Of course, you can try another cream but as a rule, the main active ingredients of all creams are the same.

According to the instructions, the cream should not keep more than 8 minutes and that makes sense too prolonged exposure to chemical components can damage the skin. Do not forget that you are dealing with a very sensitive area and even if you “out there” are too thick and dense hair, it is better to repeat application and do not apply too thick layer of cream and keep it too long.

Remove the cream and the destroyed fibers are best with a spatula and then rinsed with an antibacterial liquid. After you took a shower, apply on skin light moisturizer. For more effective tissue relaxation, massage in the cream with light massage movements.


Top creams for depilation of intimate zones

Veet is one of the most popular and accessible of depilatories creams, consistently receiving positive customer feedback. In the collection there are creams Veet for sensitive, normal and dry skin. For the treatment of the bikini area is best suited Veet for sensitive skin.

Sally Hansen – this cream is virtually odorless, gentle formula of this cream allows it to be used even for hair removal on the face, so for depilation of intimate zones this tool is also quite suitable. The pump bottle is hygienic and convenient to use.

Ready Betty – In the package in addition to the cream you will find a special set of tools for depilation of the bikini area. If you wish, by using these tools, you can vary the design of this sensitive area.

Avon – the Formula of this cream depilatory specially designed for hair removal on face, respectively, the cream is particularly soft and gentle against the skin, and this is just what you need for depilation of intimate zones.


“Pros” and “cons” of using depilatory cream for bikini area


  • To work with the cream depilatories does not require professional skills or special equipment.
  • Waxing cream takes much less time than waxing.
  • Creams – depilatories are inexpensive and sold in almost all cosmetic stores.
  • The cream does not leave cuts and bruises.
  • The result of epilation lasts for 4-5 days.


  • If too sensitive skin cream could trigger the infection.
  • In contact with the mucous creams – depilatories can cause skin burns.
  • Too frequent use of creams – depilatories sometimes leads to darkening of the skin.
  • Compared with waxing and hardware methods of hair removal, the effect of using the cream looks quite short.
  • In some cases creams – depilatories provoke ingrown hairs.
  • Depilatory creams just remove nadkarni part of the hair shaft, so the newly regrown hairs may be thicker and stiffer than before.
  • Creams – depilatories can cause itching and skin irritation.
  • Too rich chemical components of the composition of such creams can be harsh on dry and sensitive skin.

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