крем от растяжек при беременностиThe appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy almost inevitably, if you do not take measures to prevent them. A rare woman has the degree of elasticity of the skin, which is perfect against such a powerful strength, which is exposed during pregnancy the skin of the abdomen, chest, in particular, sometimes the skin of the thighs and buttocks. High-quality cream for stretch marks during pregnancy will help keep your skin beautiful and smooth throughout the entire period of the child’s expectations. Choose a cream on your budget, try different textures and you will not be difficult to keep the skin beautiful and not to enroll in hardware cosmetology quickly after birth.


Timely care about the beauty of the skin

Cream for stretch marks during pregnancy – you can’t skin care.

Stretch marks in pregnancy arise from the fact that unprepared to load the skin literally torn from the inside. To avoid this, it must be moisturized and strengthened on the inside, for which there are creams that enhance the elasticity of skin and tissues, avoiding abrupt breaks. After birth it is recommended to use means adapted to maintain the elasticity and tightening, which are not contraindicated in breastfeeding.

Nourish skin oil compositions, moisten it with creams and increase the elasticity of serum total of destination as soon as you have found out about her pregnancy. Of course, specifying the presence of contraindications. To use special creams against stretch marks better starting with the third or fourth month, when the stomach begins to grow. Chest this may increase long before noticeable belly, so pay attention to its strengthening, especially if you have a big bust size.

Apply the cream against stretch marks twice a day, morning and evening after shower, pre-heating the skin with water and massage.

Apply the cream moderate layer (not fat), Pat into the skin in problem areas circular massage movements until completely absorbed.


Creams for stretch marks what to choose?

The diversity of contemporary names of creams for stretch marks it is easy to get lost, the choice is really huge. Best of all mums-to-be – there are not only tools, but also the entire line-oriented skin care pregnant women. Choose the tool based on feedback from him and composition, paying attention to contraindications. choose creams known brands, do not pursue cheap, because effective remedy for stretch marks is not worth a penny, besides, in your best interest to purchase a cream that works quickly and effectively, because the formation of stretch marks with second trimester of pregnancy is almost constant.

The French company Lierac Paris produces gel for the prevention of stretch marks Phytolastil. The product is suitable for those who are looking for the product based on natural ingredients, it contains the extract of the cuff, Ruscus and horsetail that effectively fight the appearance of stretch marks. A high concentration of natural substances can cause staining of clothing – be careful immediately after application.

  • Vichy Action Intégrale Vergetures

Vichy produces a good cream for stretch marks universal destination, making it suitable not only for pregnant women. light texture, pleasant fragrance, the content of mineral water Vichy, vitamins for skin, the silicon content and extracts useful for the skin of plants make this cream is hypoallergenic and highly effective against stretch marks.

This cream is perfect for stretch mark prevention for women who are sensitive to perfumes and dyes. It is light, hypoallergenic, its formula is developed together with the toxicologist that ensures absolute safety for mother and child. Linéance can be used as a cream for stretch marks after pregnancy.

In line Galénic Elancyl there are two remedies to stretch marks, prevent stretch marks, the other for combat already appeared streami after pregnancy. The cream is based on prophylactic formulated with marine extracts, vitamin E, provitamin B5, hydroxyproline and organic silicon. In the cream to reduce and eliminate stretch marks contains glycolate, guanidine extract of cyanophyceae and zinc gluconate.

French brand Biotherm has a high reputation in cosmetology. Her cream Biovergetures moisturizes and nourishes the skin, increasing its elasticity and prevents the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Due to the light texture is quickly absorbed and penetrates deep into the skin. Contains hydroxyproline and organic silicon, which increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Highly effective intensive action to eliminate existing stretch marks after pregnancy. Apply the cream twice a day for eight weeks.

Other creams for stretch marks during pregnancy can be found in lines such brands as Biolane Maman, Mama Donna, Mama Comfort, Future Mother, Sanosan, Palmer’s, Mama Care, Mustela, Gigi.

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