крем для солярияHow many doctors did not say that the ultraviolet light is harmful to the skin, wanting to show off tanned skin seems to be, not less. This is not surprising, because a light, even tan can hide small defects of the skin and to give the person more fresh, youthful, energetic appearance. Not everyone has the opportunity to go for UV, vitamin D and the sun in the South of the country, but sunroom today is practically everywhere. Those who are going to the Solarium, it is recommended to buy a special cream for tanning, which will make the procedure of tanning under the “artificial sun” more effective and safe.


What is cream for tanning and how to choose?

First of all, in order to provide your skin with intense hydration at the time, as it affects pretty powerful ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the cream helps to quickly get a beautiful, even tan. What cream is suitable particular person depends on the type of skin, therefore it is very important when buying to read the list of ingredients of the cream.

The usual sunblock and lotion tanning is not the same. The sun decks are usually not allowed to use sun creams that are suitable for use under the open sky, because they contain more fat, which can lead to equipment damage Solarium. Moreover, in the tanning creams do not contain sunscreens, because they dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

The active ingredient in most creams for Solarium is tyrosine. This enzyme, which stimulates the production of melanin – the substance that will help our skin by ultraviolet light gets darker. When using creams or lotions containing tyrosine, a person acquires a tan faster, which means he will have less to go to the Solarium, and procedures may be shorter. Therefore, the probability that the sun will lead to some undesirable consequences, is reduced.

People who tan slowly, for example, those with very light skin, as well as those who have freckles or moles, it is recommended to choose the creams, which include docosahexaenoic acid (the label on the cream it can be marked as DHA or DHA). This substance helps you to quickly purchase the tan and thus significantly reduces the residence time in the Solarium.

In the majority of creams for Solarium includes antioxidants that protect the skin from premature aging and other effects of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The most common of these antioxidants is vitamin E – it helps the skin maintain elasticity, and smoothes even appeared fine lines.

Face is better to use special creams for sun decks – they usually have a lighter texture than the body creams, and deeply moisturize the skin.

In addition, in the Solarium, be sure to use lip balms. The lips under the UV light dries up very quickly and can start to crack. The person with chapped lips will not look really beautiful and well maintained, even under ideal tan.

If you have very sensitive skin, choose a cream without dyes and fragrances – these ingredients in cosmetics especially often cause skin irritation.

When choosing a cream for tanning you should also consider what type a particular cream.


Three main types of creams

  • Regular that do not contain substances that stimulate circulation in the skin, bronzers or ingredients that cool the skin

In their composition may include tyrosine and/or other substances that accelerate tanning. These creams are great for those who are just beginning to use the Solarium, and who does not wish to purchase a dark tan in just one or two of the procedure. Creams of this type can be marked as Non-Tingle Sunbed Cream/Lotion.

  • Stimulates circulation in the skin

The ingredients of these creams improve the microcirculation in the skin, making the sun appear more quickly. After using these creams, the person feels a tingling sensation, which they got a common name – creams with tinglan (English tingle – tingling). These creams should not be applied to the face, because the skin is particularly sensitive. They are suitable for those who want to tan very quickly, and those who want a dark tan.

In addition to substances that accelerate the tan, they contain ingredients that instantly give the skin a bronze color. Sunbathing with such creams can be very fast, but there is a possibility that your skin will be darker than you would like. Apart from simple creams with bronzers there are creams that also contain substances that stimulate microcirculation in the skin. They help to make the skin quite dark bronze color. In addition, release lotions with bronzers and substances, cooling the skin, through which people almost don’t feel the increase of skin temperature in the Solarium.

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