крем от LancomeProducts of the brand Lancôme has always been known for its efficiency. In a neat box with a picture of a rose is hiding the real weapon needed to combat different skin problems. The correct cream from Lancome is a perfect gift for any woman who takes care of himself and prefers luxurious products.


The history of the brand

продукция LancomeCompany founder Armand ptizhan was born in 1886. During the first world war he did a lot for France’s victory, and after the peace he was offered a high political office. But Mr. ptisan suddenly abandoned these tempting offers and chose to join the legendary perfume company Coty.

The future founder of the firm Lancôme makes a good career, but wants to do more. And in 1935, he finally founds own cosmetics company. The name was chosen by chance: Arman was just looking for a word that will be easy to pronounce in any language of the world. In February, a factory of fragrances, and this summer in Paris opens its doors to its first boutique Lancôme. As the logo was selected rose – according to Arman Tigana, flower this could serve as a true symbol of beauty.

The secrets of the art of perfumery, Armand ptizhan mastered, working at Coty, very useful to him. The new brand is developing rapidly, within six months after the establishment of the company products (mainly perfumes) Lancôme sold in 30 countries. The range is constantly expanded: several varieties of perfumes was added to lipsticks, powder for the face, and a little later – cosmetics for skin care.

So, only a year, there is a revolutionary cosmetic product – cream Nutrix. Initially it was assumed the use of this cream at night to repair the skin, but it quickly became clear that a new means perfect treats any skin damage from burns and frostbite to insect bites. In the fifties of the last century this cream even recommended to use in case of nuclear war for the treatment of radiation burns, but fortunately, this need has not arisen.


Features Lancôme creams

Génifique Crème Lancome

Génifique Crème

Today, in addition to the delicious aromas of the company’s specialists offer a wide range of luxury cosmetics for face and body. The Lancôme creams are good because their effect is noticeable almost immediately. No need to wait for several weeks until the skin will change in a couple of hours after using the cream the face looks younger. How you can achieve this effect developers Lancôme cosmetics – their professional secret, but fans of the brand all over the world are happy to use makeup that helps to transform almost instantly.

Today, Lancôme offers several lines of skin care:

  • Génifique;
  • Hydra Zen;
  • Renergie;
  • Absolue;
  • Visionnaire;
  • Dream Tone.

Skin care Lancôme successfully treats a variety of skin imperfections. Fade dark spots, evens out skin tone and its relief, returns elasticity of the epidermis, wrinkles are smoothed. Creams are fighting with the first faint signs of aging, and has formed deep wrinkles on the skin. There are creams for skin oily and prone to oily skin, for dry and very dry skin, sensitive skin.

In addition to cosmetic for women Lancôme offers and products for men who want to preserve youthfulness. Since the structure of men’s skin differs considerably from the female, she needs a different kind of cosmetics – for example, tools such as the Activator of youth for men Genifique HD. This lightweight cream instantly transforms the face, the skin looks younger, disappear the feeling of tightness and dryness. After a week of use, skin looks rested, smoother and younger.


The most popular creams

Advanced Génifique от Lancôme

Advanced Génifique

A universal serum, Advanced Génifique from Lancôme complex effect on the skin, suitable for all ages and all skin types. The cream is ideal for those who are dissatisfied with the condition of the skin in General: it gives the skin a smoother tone, a gentle radiance, firmness, purity, density and smoothness. The usual drawback of all universal tools – low efficiency in solving some specific problems, according to some shoppers, is also a characteristic of this tool. If you need a cream to solve a specific problem (for example, wrinkles or enlarged pores), it is better to purchase a narrowly focused tool. If you just need to look better, Advanced Génifique will be your optimal choice.

Activator youth Génifique day cream Crème with yeast extract suitable for all ages and all skin types, but experts recommend starting to use this tool before the skin begins to wither. This will help slow down the aging process, prevent the appearance of first wrinkles. The cream smoothes small bumps to stimulate youth protein, moisturizes the skin and makes it younger.

Hydra Zen Neurocalm SPF15 от Lancôme

Hydra Zen Neurocalm SPF15

Cream-gel with instant effect moisturizing Hydra Zen Neurocalm SPF 15 Lancôme – a real salvation for sensitive, dry, dehydrated skin. It instantly hydrates and soothes dry, tight, irritated skin, giving it a smooth glow and elasticity. Cream effectively maintains skin’s moisture level throughout the day.

Rénergie – regenerating daily anti-wrinkle cream. It is suitable for aging skin of all types. Effectively smoothes out existing wrinkles and prevents new ones. The skin becomes firmer and younger looking.

Rénergie Nuit by Lancôme night cream for skin elasticity. Suitable for skin of any type. Helps get rid of wrinkles and appear new. In combination with the day cream of the same series allows you to regain the youthfulness.

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