крем пудраModern manufacturers of cosmetics tend to release a combined means that combines the properties of several individual. This cunning move allows customers to choose the one tool that combines various functions. One of the most popular cosmetic products of this nature for many years remains cream powder, which eventually continues to evolve, expanding the ranks of his fans.


The mistakes of the past

Several years ago it was possible to confidently say that cream powder two main «person». This concealer moderately liquid textures, which in contact with the skin after a few seconds turned into powder, freezing matte film. Or it was dry compact powder that could apply to face wet – and she played the role of a cream. Both means exist to this day, but good grades this cosmetics eventually underwent significant changes.

The cream powder first generation was flaw, which narrowed the circle of potential buyers of this cosmetics. Both tool formed on the face mask effect, which could not avoid because of the rudeness of the texture. Cream froze, sometimes very quickly, so it is difficult to carefully thin layer distribute face. Remained divorce, the field roll-off, tone sounded rough.

крем пудраWith powder things were even worse. Dry by their nature, powder had emollients, therefore, in contact with water it a little размягчалась, but was put on the skin type of plaster, immediately freezing. Of course, from a cosmetics benefit was very questionable, and aesthetic effect left much to be desired.

Modern cream powder have melting texture, that can be easily adapted to the natural shade of skin, hiding flaws, but without drying it out the way it was before. Apply as creamy facilities, turning powder on the face and powder applied to the face with a sponge or a brush. Tonal cream powder liquid consistence have a very light texture, all great respect among women using translucent fluids with breathable coating, shivering in the powder at distribution on the face.

Compact powder cream has not dry and soft creamy texture, that considerably facilitates its application to the skin. More and more manufacturers produce lightest tone mousses, which on the face into powder. What is better – depends on the individual desires and beauty habits.


Why would anyone need a cream powder

Cream powder is a perfect tonal cosmetics for people with oily and combination skin with the redness and other imperfections. No longer need to impose fat cream, which is then driven in powder form two thick tone layer. For camouflage purposes and problem skin manufactured cream powder with a dense texture, rich pigments, but without oils and комедогенного effect. This allows the girls with such skin to avoid the horrors of correction, which was previously almost impossible with the preservation of the natural appearance of the skin.

Cream-powder can be used at any age, if you need to save skin matte avoid greasy. Ordinary powder deposited on concealer, usually after a few hours absorbed, emerges glossy skin, you re-applying. With cream-powder all else, as a means exactly lays down on the skin and prevents active sebaceous glands. To achieve this, the cream powder is injected useful cosmetic additives that do not clog the pores, but fight high fat content.


Best cream powder modern cosmetic market

Cream powder are tonal line of many brands, especially many among them are brands for young skin.

The most famous cream powder, which have proven themselves on the market as an effective means of:

  • «The perfect color» from Avon
  • Superbalanced makeup from Clinique
  • Pata Cream from Farmasi
  • Miracle Touch from Max Factor
  • Creme Puff Powder from Max Factor
  • Natural Code Skin Perfector of Lumene
  • Phyto-teint eclat compact by Sisley
  • Lingerie de peau by Guerlain
  • Invisible Fluid from the Atelier Lauder
  • Matt Touch Compact Foundation of Yves Saint Laurent

Any cream powder is always applied to the database in the form of a primer or a moisturizing day cream, which is fully absorbed.

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