крем RoCIn addition to conventional cosmetics, which is sold in all stores, and even supermarkets, there are also the so-called “drugstore” brand. They are more expensive than mass-market, but also act on the skin not the best example. The RoC brand is not well known, but those who know about it, can’t imagine life without the products of this company. Cream RoC can be called a magic elixir of youth is so amazing it acts on the skin.


From the history of the brand

косметика марки RoCThe brand’s history began in 1957, when France had created a unique formula of makeup unscented. The name Marche gave the initials of the owner dermatological laboratory, where for the first time managed to create new products – Roger Caballes.

The company has developed rapidly, preferring loud advertising promises the real deal. So, in 1978, it is the company’s specialists RoC managed in a clinical setting to prove the quality of its drugs, in particular, the lack of comedogenic effect. And in the end of XX century it skilled RoC brand has managed to create a stable form of vitamin A – retinol. Today this component is an integral part of all creams with anti-aging effect, as well as many other remedies for skin care.

Cosmetics RoC brand is not just a powerful weapon against aging – according to many, it is a real alternative to plastic surgery. These tools allow you to turn back the clock – at least to delay skin aging. The company is a recognized expert in the field of creation of funds with the effect of skin rejuvenation. Careful selection of ingredients and modern technologies allow to create a unique anti-aging products. Every kind of cream is tested in the laboratory. Product safety is confirmed by many clinical trials.

Funds from the firm RoC are sold exclusively in pharmacies, can not find them in random shops or supermarkets sell. This reduces the likelihood of tampering, although, of course, like other elite agents, cosmetics RoC often try to forge.


The most popular means

RoC крем Retin-Ox Correction

Retin-Ox Correction

Perhaps the most famous tool brand RoC – a cream Retin-Ox Correction, containing retinol (vitamin a active and easily digestible form). Retinol helps to solve many skin problems, in particular, it activates the production of skin collagen. Also the cream contains a unique mineral complex, is also intended to enhance the synthesis of collagen. Empirically proven that magnesium, zinc and copper help to give the skin elasticity. And glycolic acid, which is also included in this cream helps to cleanse pores and exfoliate dead skin cells of the epidermis.

Due to the high content of antioxidants cream Retin-Ox Correction protects the skin from free radicals that cause skin aging. In addition, the cream helps to strengthen the walls of capillaries, the complexion is even, the redness gradually disappear, and on minor wrinkles remain only memories. Over time can smooth out or at least become less noticeable and deep wrinkles: silky, instantly absorbed cream provides the skin with moisture, and the former roughness not a trace remains.

In the line Retin-Ox and have tonal resources that combine anti-aging effect with masking. Reflective particles make the bumps on the skin are practically invisible, and the face glows with freshness and youth.

Popular as a range of products CompleteLift. These drugs are struggling with sagging skin. Loss of turgor is a sad sign of aging, some face this problem in 35 years. Unfortunately, to deal with this trouble is not so simple: in advanced cases only helps plastic surgery. As an alternative means to try the serum and day and night creams series CompleteLift. For the delicate skin of the eyelids is created with a special gel lifting-effect, which, like other rulers, is able to significantly tighten the skin for only 2 months.


Not only anti-aging cosmetics

крем ROC Radiance Rejuvenate

Radiance Rejuvenate

Although the company RoC specializes primarily in cosmetic products with the effect of “anti-age”, is in the range of firms and cosmetics intended for younger. For example, a cream ROC Radiance Rejuvenate “the skin’s Radiance” 20+ can be used from twenty years. This tool with a soft texture is quickly absorbed and beautifies the skin, nourishing it. The face looks rested, fresh and glowing.

Gel cleanser RoC PURIF-AC is an effective remedy for problem skin. Gel gently cleanses the dirt from the surface of the skin and dissolves the dirt accumulated in the pores. As a result, the pores are cleaned, their diameter decreases, the probability of occurrence on the skin of pimples dramatically reduced. This cleanser does not dry the skin, while maintaining an optimal level of moisture.

Developers of new funds from the company and the RoC do not forget about the body care. The cellulite creams from this brand also contains proprietary ingredient is retinol. Experience shows that this component is struggling with ugly dimples on the thighs as effectively as the wrinkles on the face.


Can’t be too careful



Have not been created yet perfect universal means that everyone, without exception. Although RoC cosmetics consistently receives rave reviews from his fans, these funds are not for everyone. According to cosmetologists, permanent makeup products with high doses of retinol can lead to unwanted side effects. Among them rashes on the face, irritation of the skin, increasing its sensitivity.

Of course, all individually, but if the cream causes skin problems, rashes, swelling or irritation, it is better not to risk it. You also shouldn’t use makeup with retinol, month after month, year after year – it is advisable to want breaks.

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