кремы от растяжек для беременныхCreams for stretch marks for pregnant worth to buy, once you get to know about her pregnancy. To prevent stretch marks is much easier than to get rid of them.


Why do I get stretch marks

Stretching is probably one of the most unpleasant consequences of pregnancy (not counting, of course, serious complications that occur more rarely stretch marks). They are the result of rapid stretching of the skin. Dermis – the second layer of the skin located below the epidermis, contains a strong, interwoven fibers that allow the skin to stretch when the body grows upwards or outwards. However, the very rapid growth can cause damage to these fibers. Due to gaps in the dermis of some blood vessels are closer to the skin surface, and as a result fresh stretch marks often appear reddish or purple. Gradually damaged dermis partly restored, the blood vessels constrict, and stretching becomes light silver color. Unfortunately, stretch marks may not disappear completely, and turn into a real headache for many women.

Stretch marks appear in 8 out of 10 pregnant women. Appears they have you, or not, depends mainly on the elasticity of the skin, which is caused by genetics. However, proper and timely care of the skin can be prevented or at least reduce their number.

Causes of stretch marks can be not only pregnancy, but also rapid growth during puberty, rapid weight gain, prolonged use of corticosteroids.


The use of creams for stretch marks for pregnant women

Various creams, lotions and gels are the main tool for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. On the shelves you can see many of these tools, they actively advertise and recommend the use of women early in their pregnancy. However, while there is no external means, which is guaranteed to eliminate stretch marks or prevent their formation. 6-12 months after childbirth stretch marks become less noticeable, but not because of the creams is the result of a natural process of skin regeneration. During a series of studies, scientists have compared the special creams for stretch marks with placebo, and any difference between them was found. However, there were many such studies, the results of which creams in varying degrees, helped to avoid the appearance of stretch marks or reduce their number.

Good creams for stretch marks are characterized by high concentration of moisturizing ingredients that moisturize your skin, and thus make it more elastic. It is assumed that due to this reduced the chance of damage to the dermis with a strong stretch.

Some of the most common ingredients of these creams:

This is a very effective moisturizer that is easily absorbed and does not leave the skin greasy. Unfortunately, to confirm its effectiveness failed: the results of two studies, the first of which was attended by 300 women in the second – 175, applying creams with cocoa butter did not reduce the likelihood of stretch marks during pregnancy.

  • Almond oil

To prevent stretch marks has long been used as almond oil by itself and creams with this oil. Recently, researchers conducted a study involving two groups of subjects. Participants from one group had during pregnancy can cause the skin lotion with almond oil or almond oil in its pure form, and within fifteen minutes to massage your skin. Women from another group just put the lotion on the skin without doing massage. Women from the first group marks appeared much less often than average, and use almond massage is ineffective.

  • Olive oil

The effectiveness of olive oil as a means to prevent stretch marks most experts doubt. However, the creams, which include not only olive oil, but other moisturizing ingredients, can reduce the likelihood of stretch marks.

Studies have shown that creams with tretinoin greatly reduce the length and width of stretch marks. This substance stimulates the renewal of collagen fibers, so that the condition of the skin, which appeared stretch marks, improves significantly. However, pregnant and nursing women to use funds cannot tretinoin – they are dangerous for the child. Therefore, it is necessary to consider very carefully the creams that you are going to use during pregnancy.


Currently popular creams for stretch marks for pregnant women

  • Clarins Stretch Mark Control

Clarins Stretch Mark Control is used to prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy or any other reason. The composition of this cream include olive, coconut and palm oils that moisturize the skin and increase its elasticity, as well as plant extracts that help prevent the formation of stretch marks and diminish existing stretch marks.

This cream not only positive feedback: some buyers remain dissatisfied with this tool, so we can conclude that it helps not for everyone. However, as we have said, no cream can not be guaranteed to save a woman from the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

The main active ingredients in this cream are elastin and collagen; it also contains Argireline extract and soy extract is useful for skin substances, which, however, is rarely used in the production of cosmetics.

The cream is quickly absorbed and does not leave skin greasy film. The cost of the cream can be classified as “above average”, and since it must be used for several months (starting from the third or fourth month of pregnancy), one or two times a day, it will be costly. By the way, there are other, less expensive creams for stretch marks with collagen and elastin, and those who want to save money, it makes sense to pay attention to them.

  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream for Stretch Marks

The composition of this cream, in addition to cocoa butter, contains glycerin, mineral oil, coconut oil, Dimethicone, collagen and elastin. It is inexpensive, quickly penetrates and moisturizes the skin. Its effectiveness as a remedy against stretch marks is not confirmed, however, this cream for the past few years has been very popular.



To increase the effectiveness of creams for stretch marks, try to follow these tips:

  • Apply the cream on the belly, Breasts and thighs at least once a day (preferably two). This should be done after a warm shower, when the pores are opened, and the skin especially absorbs the active ingredients of creams. The cream is best accompanied by a ten-minute massage;
  • Several times a week before you take a shower, gently RUB the skin with a brush with soft, natural bristles. This procedure helps to remove dead skin cells and improve blood circulation, and thanks to this cream against stretch marks will be more effective;
  • Keep the weight under control. If during pregnancy you gain twenty pounds, chances are that you will not help any cream for stretch marks;
  • Eat more vitamin E. prevention of stretch marks is especially effective if you’ll not only be applied to the skin with vitamin E (found in many creams), but also to obtain a sufficient amount of this substance together with food. Sources of vitamin E are olives, almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, pumpkin, and various vegetable oils.

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