кремы для солярияIf you do not have the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach or you are afraid of the harmful effects of sun rays on your skin, you can use the Solarium and get a beautiful bronze tan without much difficulty. But in this case you need to buy a special tanning creams or lotion.


Sunblock and lotion Solarium

кремы для солярия Pumped


The principle of tanning creams is that they increase blood circulation in the skin, causing the body to produce more melanin. You might ask, what is the difference between sunblock on the street and cream for sunbathing in the Solarium. And the difference consists in the following:

  • On the street you are in an uncontrolled environment, where the sun emits ultraviolet rays of the spectrum a and spectrum B, so sunblock on the street should be protective equipment (SPF), which give you the ability to control the amount of radiation you receive.
  • The Solarium also radiate only the ultraviolet rays of the spectrum And the time spent in them controls the timer. That is why creams tanning no protection from the sun components.
  • If you go to a tanning salon and use sunblock on the street, you will come out not so tanthat you would like to receive, as the cream will block most UV rays of the spectrum of A. You are just wasting your time and money.
  • Using conventional sunblock you use on the beach, can damage the acrylic coating in the Solarium that will not allow you to get a tan, what you want.
  • Creams for tanning done in such a way as to absorb the ultraviolet rays of the spectrum of A.
  • Cream for sunbathing in the Solarium ideal for short but intense sessions of tanning. And sun creams on the street is designed to protect you from sunlight for a long period of time.

Use creams for Solarium, when are you going to get an artificial tan, and sun creams on the street when going to sunbathe on the beach.


Types of creams for Solarium

кремы для солярия Jwoww


There are many types of creams for tanning, but among them we can distinguish three basic is basic, tingle-creams and bronzers.

  • Basic tanning creams do not contain bronzers and don’t have the tingle effect. Typically, the basic tanning creams are cheaper than others, but never neglect them, thinking that they have no special significance. Basic cream Solarium do not leave on skin after tanning in a tanning bed will be finished. It is applied to the body before going to the Solarium, and then wash off. From the base creams for the Solarium, which are most popular, you can call the following is Pumped from Designer Skin Phoenician from Designer Skin and Snooki Ultra Dark from Supre.
  • Tingle-tanning creams also don’t need to leave the body after a session of indoor tanning as a base. But during the tanning process, these creams cause on the body a slight burning and sometimes even after the end of the session. Some do not like this feeling, so they prefer not to use this kind of cream. But the tingle-creams help to ensure that the tan is much better and richer than without them. You can buy these stamps tingle-creams, as Mad Hot Tingle Jwoww Bronzer from Australian Gold, Modern Bombshell from Designer Skin and Pink Diamond T2 Tingle Bronzer Swedish Beauty.
  • If you really want to get a beautiful, rich, dark tan, you will help bronzer. You need to apply it on the body before you go to the Solarium, but after the session, you should not wash off the cream for several hours to get the best results from indoor tanning. Among the most popular of bronzers can be called Luminary from Designer Skin Adore from Designer Skin and Jwoww from Australian Gold.

Luminary bronzer from Designer Skin is one of the best creams for tanning among other brands on the market. This cream will provide you with beautiful, smooth and rich tan. In addition, it includes magic solar emulsion silicone-based, which will make the tan resistant and radiant. Your skin will become brilliant light tan. This cream is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

кремы для солярия Luminary


Cream Solarium Jwoww from Australian Gold is a great choice for those who want to get rich, natural-looking tan for a reasonable price. The composition of this cream consists of many natural ingredients, such as black currant extract, walnut, stable and rich tan, extract, hemp seed oil varnished wood and vitamins that moisturize and nourish the skin. This cream for sunbathing in the Solarium can be used all over the body, including the face.

The most popular brands that produce creams for solariums is Designer Skin, Supre, Australian Gold, Playboy, Swedish Beauty and Ed Hardy. These brands are known worldwide. Choice of cream Solarium depends on how tan you want to get dark or not.

In addition to these types of creams for tanning, there are creams accelerator tanning creams-fitness maximizers tanning, moisturizing creams for sunburn, re-firming creams for sunburn and other.

Creams-tanning accelerators are used in order to obtain high-quality tan in a short period of time. Such creams include vitamins and oils that promote melanin production in the body. Most creams-tan enhancers also contain moisturizing ingredients.

кремы для солярия Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

Creams-fitness maximizers tan – for those who already have a small tan and who wants to make it darker and more saturated. As a rule, these creams are not moisturizers. The cream formula is aimed at the skin got more UV rays and became darker.

Sun creams with hydrating ingredients will help you get not only a great tan, but will also moisturize and provide your skin the extra nourishment. In the composition of these creams a lot of natural oils and plant extracts that will leave your skin healthy and young.

Some tanning creams are composed of re-firming substances that promote the production of collagen and elastin. But don’t count on too high a result. Still, it’s more sunblock than to strengthen the skin.

Remember that the ability to tanning is an art. So do not worry if the first time you turned out to be not just a tan that you expected. Follow all the rules and do not forget to purchase one of the most suitable for you creams to the Solarium to get the results you strive for.

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