кремы с эффектом загараArtificial tanning is a convenient alternative to sun tanning. However, in this type of tanning has its pros and cons. If you don’t want to expose your skin to the dangerous effects of the sun’s rays, but still want to have a beautiful bronze tan, you can use the products to create artificial tanning, including creams with a tanning effect.

Fake tan, which is also called a bronzercan give your skin a tan, which in appearance will look like a sun.


How it works

The active ingredient in creams with the effect of the sun is ink additive, diocesean. When applied to the skin, this substance reacts with dead cells on the skin surface and on time makes it darker. A few days later, the skin returns to its original color.

Creams with a tanning effect is considered not hazardous to health, if only to use them correctly. Dye diocesean included in the creams with a tanning effect, however, should not contaminate the skin around the eyes, mouth or nose.


How to apply cream

Cream with tan effect should be applied, following certain rules:

  • First, you rinse your skin to rid itself of excess dead skin cells. In the area of the knees, elbows and ankles this procedure spend more carefully, because in these areas the skin is slightly thicker than in other places.
  • RUB the cream with the complexion in the skin massage movements around the circle. Apply in small areas. First on the arms, legs or torso. Wash your hands with soap every time will cause the cream to another area of the body so that your hands are not stained. Gradually move from the ankles to the feet and from the wrists to the arms.
  • The skin on the knees, elbows and ankles to need a bit more cream, as in these areas more absorbency. The cream is well laid down in these places, gently RUB them with a damp towel.
  • Wait at least ten minutes, until the cream dries on your skin, then you can dress. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes and not sweat within a few hours after applying the cream with tan effect.

Creams with a tanning effect is an excellent choice for those who are going to go on vacation in a warm country and wants to look naturally tanned among tourists from all over the world. And since it is winter and get a tan the natural way will not work, you will come to the aid creams with a tanning effect.


The best means to effect tanning

The most popular brands of creams and lotions to tanning effect, among which you can choose something for themselves:

  • Dove Energy Glow Self Tanning Lotion – provides a smooth and even tan and nourishes the skin, as usual charm or body lotion, leaving a soft and velvety skin. This cream gives a not-too-dark tan, so perfect for those who have decided to use the cream with tan effect.
кремы с эффектом загара Dove


кремы с эффектом загара Nivea


  • Nivea Sun Kissed Lotion gives a truly rich and dark tan. In addition, it looks really like a natural tan shade of brown without a hint of orange. The effect of the cream will last four or five days. Of the minuses – an unpleasant smell and is quite oily consistency.
  • L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gel – this tool has a slightly different formula than other creams and lotion with tanning effect. It washed off with water, that is why it is convenient to use. That is when you need, you can rinse, and then apply again.
кремы с эффектом загара L’Oreal Paris

L’oreal Paris

кремы с эффектом загара Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata

  • Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Medium – this cream has no smell and it needs very little to get a beautiful tan. Before you apply the cream, try not to use soap that contains cream or essential oils. This cream is used by many celebrities, Kim Kardashian, for example.
  • Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner has a pleasant smell of coconut and gives a nice bronze tan. And after seven days he may even become darker, so you need not to overdo it. This cream promises and even a slimming effect, as it contains guarana, a derivative of caffeine. This substance is included in many popular creams from cellulite.
кремы с эффектом загара Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan

кремы с эффектом загара Elemis


  • Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion – this cream is excellent for dry and pale skin, as it contains the nutrients of green tea and elderberry seeds. They promote skin hydration. Eventually you will get a bronze tan and this is just after one application.
  • Tan Organic Self Tanning Oil is a remedy for those who prefer all natural and organic. There are no parabens, perfume fragrances or toxic preservatives. Oil tanning effect effortlessly glides onto the skin surface and is absorbed into it, giving a natural tan. If you want to get a darker tan, you apply this tool on your skin every day to get the desired effect.
кремы с эффектом загара Tan Organic

Tan Organic

кремы с эффектом загара Sunkissed


  • The most optimal option in terms of price-quality is Sunkissed Gradual Tanning Lotion Light Bronze. This tool will provide you a nice bronze tan in just a few hours. It is easy to apply because it does not stick to hands. In addition, this lotion hydrates the skin, as it contains Shea butter and vitamin E to make your skin smooth, soft and pleasant smelling.
  • Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle, Sun Kissed is cream with tan effect for those who want a quick effect. This product gives you the effect of light tan, as if you just returned from the beach. The cream is not cheap, but it consumed very sparingly. In addition, it leaves no greasy and stains. The packaging of this cream is beautifully decorated, so you can even use it as a gift.
кремы с эффектом загара Time Bomb

Time Bomb

кремы с эффектом загара MooGoo


  • MooGoo How Now Brown Cow – this cream for a gradual tan gives a smooth and pleasant, and perfectly moisturizes the facial skin and the entire body. It contains canola oil, glycerin and natural-based ingredients sugar, which give the skin a brown tan, without admixture of orange. The cream is easily applied and dries quickly, so you can dress in a few minutes after application.

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