It is important to monitor not only the fact that his hands were manicured, soft and without any damage, but for your nails. This lesson is the main part of making the arms shop. Well-groomed nails are made within 30 minutes and not necessarily to have a beautiful manicure to sit all day.
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That stuff was in the house was in place, care must be taken to place of storage. The ideal solution, especially for small apartment is a corner Cabinet in Vladivostok with him you will save room.

Before painting nails, using special blades need to push back cuticle and trim their special scissors manicure. Then you should remove the old varnish liquid to remove it, it is best if you use the tool-the pencil. Before applying the lacquer create, with the help of cutting the desired shape, to Cut the nails have dried, from the tips to the center that the nail was not stratified. After the nails were clean and smooth, you can proceed to the main point.
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To start is to choose colors that will suit you most. You should also be colorless a top coat.

There are so many options for applying color. In this case it’s 2 of them.

1) figure sequins
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Materials needed: plain and colorless varnish, water-soaked toothpick and sequins.
The layer of varnish is applied evenly and must be completely dry. Then dipped the toothpick will take sequins and create from them a picture. Most importantly, do not overdo it with them. Then a clear varnish fixed figure and the varnish on the nail, so that it is kept for a long time.

2) the Transition of colors from pastel colors to bright
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Materials: several different colors of lacquer + colorless and white, the foam hubicka tool – pencil varnish remover.

Before you begin nails can be polished. It makes them Shine and overflow. Next on clean nails apply a shade of white varnish (on the nail). After they are completely dry, take the sponge and apply color from light to dark (stripes, curves, or points). Then squeeze the sponge so that it covered the entire nail. Is the operation a few times, not very pressing. When the varnish dries, is applied on top of colorless and pencil, remover remove excess.

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