If there is absolutely no time and money to schedule an appointment with the specialist can at home by yourself to make a beautiful manicure with a pattern which will match your outfit. To add creativity to your image, you can resort to the use of the service made by hand.

A good outfit and simply unique bow will be the handmade clothes. Currently, hand-made, as they call things created by invented sketches and man, are quite common, including clothing. It can be done if you have the opportunity and basic skills or seek help from the masters, dealing with this for a long time.
Самостоятельное создание красивого маникюра
Starting to do a manicure worth seeking care, rasp, clean your nails and remove the cuticle. In order to strengthen the nail plate can hold the fingers in a fresh lemon for ten minutes.

What will it take for the manicure?

In order to make yourself the manicure you will need varnishes in different colors, the fixer, transparent base, set for manicure and to create a beautiful picture stickers and acrylic paint with a thin brush or toothpick.

Having all the necessary tools and varnishes you can create a jacket or cute ladybugs, which will be shown off at nogatco. The first step is to apply a transparent base that you want to cover the selected color, and then to unleash the imagination and to put picture or just leave a beautiful backdrop.
Самостоятельное создание красивого маникюра3
For those who don’t like flowers, and animals will perfectly suit a newspaper theme. It is enough to cut out the squares with the text from the newspaper and get the tweezers and alcohol. The best base for this manicure will be bright colors of lacquer, so that the letters are well distinguished, but not lost on the General background.
Самостоятельное создание красивого маникюра3
After applying Foundation and varnish, you need to cover the nails with a transparent varnish, and until it finally dried up tightly to make a newspaper clipping, pre-soaked in alcohol for 10 seconds. Hold 5 seconds, the paper can be removed.
Showing imagination and all your skills, you can make any figure not resort to the help of the wizard.

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